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Phil Puccio

The benefits of a change usually far outweigh any potential downsides. This is particularly true in the construction sector, as those who have yet to modernize their operations may soon find their business opportunities drying up.

Construction projects are increasing in scope and complexity every year, requiring more time, resources and creativity from contractors. The construction industry used to rely on traditional construction processes and tools—pen and paper, faxes, email, spreadsheets—but these methods can no longer keep up with the increasingly complex projects and demands for real-time data and operations in modern construction.

It took a while for construction management to catch on, but it’s now widely accepted that the old ways just don’t work anymore. Industry veterans recognize that a technology-centric approach is the only way to complete their projects on time and meet customer expectations. This shift in mentality has prompted contractors to:

  • Digitize documentation to eliminate unnecessary paper from the equation
  • Implement cloud technologies to instantly share data and streamline workflows
  • Implement modern reporting and data analysis tools for optimized decision making
  • Use mobile apps to open access to data and improve field service workflows
  • Add new technologies that automate key daily tasks, including payroll, human resources, invoicing, data collection, and other processes that previously required multiple steps and people

Today, the construction industry is in the midst of a major technological shift, with leading construction companies not only adapting to technology but also driving new innovations. Most of those who have yet to modernize their operations recognize that time is running out to remain competitive.

Beyond adding technology, however, leading contractors are implementing new processes, stoking innovative fires and building a better workforce. Below are 10 examples of what modern, data-driven construction companies are doing to better serve the needs of their clients and construction projects in the 21st century.

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