3 Telltale Signs of a Poor Roof Installation

Amazing! 3 Telltale Signs of a Poor Roof Installation

Information about 3 Telltale Signs of a Poor Roof Installation

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If you hire an inexperienced roofer, you might think you’ll save a lot of money on one installation. While it’s true that you may pay a fraction of the rate of a professional roofer when you hire a novice, you will most likely end up with problems that will cost you more in the long run. Here are some common signs that your roof has not been properly installed.

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1. A lack of consistency

A good roofer will lay each shingle or tile with care and precision. This ensures that all the details are aligned and that you end up with a uniform looking roof. Hobby roofers lack attention to detail, resulting in an uneven roof.

2. Improper nailing techniques

It may seem like a small thing, but nails are actually very important when it comes to roof installation. A professional roofer understands that certain roofing materials require certain types of nails. An amateur could also use the wrong number of nails, resulting in shingles that are easily blown away by the wind.

3. Bad flashing installation

These thin, unassuming strips of metal are the unsung heroes of your roof. They protect vulnerable areas of your roof, such as skylights, ventilation openings and chimneys, from water ingress. Needless to say, roofing must be installed correctly or you risk a leaky roof. It’s a safe bet that an amateur roofer doesn’t understand the best lightning installation methods and designs to keep your roof leak-free.

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