3d Epoxy Flooring for Bedrooms, Kitchens, and Living Areas (Costs)

Amazing! 3d Epoxy Flooring for Bedrooms, Kitchens, and Living Areas (Costs)

Information about 3d Epoxy Flooring for Bedrooms, Kitchens, and Living Areas (Costs)

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What is 3D floor epoxy?

Epoxy 3D flooring is a process of applying a primer of self-leveling epoxy, gluing a 3D floor mural to the floor, and then applying a protective, clear, two-part epoxy coating on top.

You can purchase a 3D design or print a “high resolution” picture from your phone or camera.

These three-dimensional floors are used in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas of newly built homes or older homes that are being remodeled.

Unlike stickers or lacquered vinyl floors, the epoxy that covers the 3D floor image adds depth to the floor and creates a lifelike image.

How to Create 3D Epoxy Floor Designs

Installing an epoxy 3D floor design can be tricky, there is no room for error and is better left to a professional.

But if you’re a die-hard handyman and want to do it yourself, follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Test the concrete for moisture. Moisture in or under the slab will bubble and peel off the sealed epoxy coating, causing your new 3D floor to fail.
  2. Prepare the concrete by lightly sanding it. You need the correct surface profile for the epoxy to adhere to. Sanding removes any previous coatings, smooths and levels a rough surface, and removes dirt, glue, plaster filler or mold from the surface.
  3. Patch and repair any cracks, flakes, or holes in the concrete.
  4. Vacuum, vacuum again, and wipe the entire surface of the floor with a microfiber mop soaked in denatured alcohol to remove any dust.
  5. Schedule the installation on a sunny, warm, but dry day with very low humidity. Moisture in the air can cause problems with the epoxy coating.
  6. Apply the epoxy self-leveling primer and let it dry.
  7. Glue the 3D floor image to the floor. Make sure you don’t get any wrinkles, wrinkles, or bubbles as you apply it on the floor.
  8. Apply 1 or 2 coats of epoxy to the mural and all of the floor to encapsulate it in the floor. The second layer would add “more” depth to the look you want, but is not necessary if the first layer looks good.
  9. You can add a protective, more scratch-resistant coating of polyurethane if you are installing in a room with heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

How much do 3D epoxy floors cost per square meter?

Most 3D epoxy floors cost between $ 10 and $ 20 per square foot.

The size of the room, the condition of the substrate, the quality of the materials used, and the complexity of installing the 3D mural will determine most of the cost.

A typical 3D floor installation takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days on most floors.

As a handyman who does this yourself, you can get the cost under $ 10 per square foot if you don’t factor in your own work and time.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3D epoxy floors

Before we go for a 3D floor, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this type of flooring.

First the positive things:

  • You have a unique, real-looking floor – the three-dimensional appearance of these floors makes them look real. The beautiful visual effect can change the overall appearance of a room.
  • Easy to Keep Clean – The smooth surface makes it easy to vacuum, sweep, or use a microfiber mop. Dirt, dust and debris do not stick to the surface, which reduces the time and effort required to clean the surface.
  • Wear-resistant – epoxy resin with a polyurethane top layer is very scratch and wear-resistant for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This also makes 3D floors good for commercial applications.
  • Seamless floor – a 3D self-leveling epoxy floor coating can be a seamless floor if all joints and cracks in the floor are filled before the epoxy is applied. A seamless floor is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where the floor sometimes gets wet.
  • Waterproof flooring – a seamless 3D epoxy floor is also waterproof. Water will not penetrate a properly applied epoxy floor.
  • More hygienic – epoxy 3D floors do not harbor dust mites, pathogens, mold, mildew or bacteria. That makes them ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Fire Resistant – Epoxy does not burn like wood, linoleum, laminate or carpeted floors. This makes it a much safer flooring material if that is a factor to consider.

Now for the negatives: (although these may not be negative for you)

  • Epoxy Can Be Difficult to Install – If you are new to laying epoxy floor coverings, getting them perfect can be a little difficult. Experience is definitely a factor here. (Learn how to install epoxy floors with my Epoxy floor course)
  • The cost is quite high – compared to some traditional flooring, a 3D epoxy floor can cost up to twice as much money.
  • A bit cold on the feet – unless you have underfloor heating, epoxy floors tend to be cool, like tile floors. (but could be positive in summer)
  • It takes longer to install – the installation can take 5 or 6 days and then off for another 3 to 5 days to allow it to fully cure before you walk on it.

How long does a 3D epoxy floor last?

In most homes, 3D epoxy floors last between 15 and 20 years. This takes into account the correct care and maintenance of the floor.

Commercial 3D epoxy floors last around 5 – 10 years, maybe longer if there is not too much pedestrian traffic.

Remember, if the top coat looks a little dull or worn from traffic, it can be sanded and recoated to make it look like new again as long as it doesn’t damage the image.

The intensity of use, the type of pedestrian traffic and the daily maintenance of these 3D epoxy floors really determine how long they will last.

3D epoxy flooring pictures

Here are some pictures of 3D epoxy floor paintings that you can have for your floor.

3D epoxy floor pictures

DIY 3D epoxy flooring materials

If you want to create a 3D floor yourself, you will need the following materials:

If you decide to use an image on your camera and have it enlarged and printed, it must be a “high resolution” image of at least 300 dpi.

Check with the printer how much they can “enlarge” your image before it looks distorted.

You can buy 3D floor stickers from Amazon and Etsy. There are hundreds of different themed floor stickers to choose from.

Some tools you will need to install your 3D floor

You will need some tools to clean the floor and to lightly sand or grind the concrete if you have concrete floors.

When you apply the 3D floor mural, a plastic squeegee will help lay it flat and a plastic roller will help smooth out bubbles and wrinkles.

Sealing your 3D floor with 2-component polyurethane

Sealing your 3D floor with polyurethane significantly extends the life of the floor and protects it from scratches from pedestrian traffic.

A top coat of epoxy adds depth to the image which gives a better look. But epoxy scratches are lighter than poly so you need to protect it.

Epoxy will also turn a little yellow in direct sunlight (think big windows with the sun shining through) so adding a layer of UV-resistant polyurethane over it will help prevent this from happening.

Therefore, epoxy along with polyurethane is the best method on most 3D floors.

Note: Never use epoxy resin outdoors, it is for indoor use only.

3D epoxy floor installation

If you’re looking for someone to lay your epoxy 3D flooring, Facebook is the place for you.

There are a few Facebook groups you can join to see if someone is installing 3D epoxy floors on site.

The Facebook group in the picture is one to search for. It has over 9,000 members, many of whom are plumbers.

Hiring a professional usually means your 3D floor installation will be smoother and faster.

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