4 Amazing Home Plumbing Upgrades You’ll Love – San Mateo Plumber

Amazing! 4 Amazing Home Plumbing Upgrades You’ll Love – San Mateo Plumber

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The housing market has been booming since the start of the COVID pandemic. Depending on location, home prices have risen between 10% and 20% or more, indicating a hot housing market that is causing homes to appreciate significantly in value.

If you’re a homeowner, you might have thought about cashing in on the boom. But if you’re happy in your home and still want to add value for the future, plumbing upgrades are a great investment. Here are some of the best home plumbing upgrades that you’ll love.

1. Water heater

If you have a huge water heater, it’s time to upgrade your home with a non-tank-less water heater. As the name suggests, an instantaneous water heater ditches the massive tank in favor of on-demand heating. When you turn on the hot water, you don’t have to wait for it to warm up. It’s ready to go.

And because you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up, you use a lot less. In most homes, a water heater provides instant convenience while saving you up to 34% over traditional water heaters.

Over the past few years, Express Plumbing has installed hundreds of instantaneous water heaters in our area. Homeowners love instant hot water and love the savings they get on every electric bill.

2. LED mood lighting in the bathroom

So this isn’t necessarily a plumbing upgrade, but LED bathroom mood lighting can certainly brighten up your morning or evening with a pop of color. Available for overhead lighting in the shower or even in the shower head or toilet. Colored LED bathroom lighting provides the tranquility you need to start your day or unwind after a long day.

3. PVC pipes

Unless you live in a newer home, you may have cast iron, clay, or even lead plumbing for water and sewage. Although these tubes work, they have some serious disadvantages:

  • Cast iron can corrode over time, which can lead to leaks.
  • Lead can affect your health over time.
  • Clay can crack and cause sewage backlogs in your home or yard.

Because of these issues, PVC pipes are where it’s at. PVC pipe manufactured from polyvinyl chloride is non-corrosive and approved by building codes almost everywhere. If you have old pipes, PVC can reduce the likelihood of a disaster while increasing the value of your home.

4. Pull-out faucets

If you’ve ever washed dishes and just can’t reach that one spot in a large pan or saucepan, you’re instantly frustrated. Instead, you have to work overtime to get rid of grease or dirt. But with pull-out fittings, frustration is a thing of the past.

Pull-out faucets offer an extra level of functionality for rinsing out the sink, cleaning dishes, or just adding an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. And with affordable options and a variety of finishes like brushed nickel, chrome, bronze, or even stainless steel, you can customize them to match your kitchen’s aesthetic and style.

Express Plumbing is a full service Bay Area plumber, no project is too big or small for our experienced plumbers. Love the home you are in with so many visual and hidden plumbing options. We are here to answer your questions.

Would you like to renew your sanitary facilities? Make sure you call a professional

Even if you are an avid DIY enthusiast, plumbing is one of the most difficult crafts to master. So if you want to increase the aesthetics, functionality and value of your home without any hassle, give us a call and we’ll send you only the most experienced technicians in the business. We have been serving our plumbing customers in San Mateo and the entire surrounding Bay Area for several decades.

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