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Whether you’re inviting friends for a New Year’s Eve party or enjoying the company of your relatives for Christmas, the holidays are all about getting together and spending time with others. However, an overflowing toilet, cold shower, or clogged drain can undermine the more pleasant aspects of the holiday season.

Our San Mateo plumbers helped thousands of residents in the area during the holiday season. So before you have family or friends over to visit, be sure to follow these vacation sanitation tips to avert a disaster.

1. Don’t have too many chefs in the kitchen

Everyone is a self-proclaimed master of culinary art when the holidays come, or at least they think so. However, too many chefs in the kitchen can have a profound effect on your plumbing system.

Maybe grandma doesn’t know what’s in the trash can or your niece doesn’t know that oil and fat never go down the drain. Either way, you should only have people you trust in the kitchen. If your drain is clogged, dining and partying will be put on hold. Don’t let this happen to you.

2. Tell others what goes (and doesn’t) in the bathroom

Unsurprisingly, your toilets work overtime during the holiday season as more people come to your home. However, while your guests are familiar with the toilet, some use it as a waste disposal facility for almost anything – even things that can cause your toilet to clog or backlog.

If you want to keep your toilet running, make a list of things your guests shouldn’t put in the toilet and hang them up in a prominent place. Some things to put on your list are:

  • Feminine products
  • Wet wipes
  • Handkerchiefs and paper towels
  • cotton swab
  • Floss
  • Cigarette butts
  • hair
  • rubber

3. Do not pour fat and oil down the drain

They have already kept people out of the kitchen to reduce the risk of a clogged drain. The next logical step is to keep the fat and oil from going down the drain.

If you pour fat and oil down the drain, it will solidify with cold water, even if it was previously liquid. While you are aware of this valuable information, others may not. So, just like with the bathroom, kindly remind that grease and oil should never go down the drain. Instead, provide a large coffee can or other metal container for disposal.

4. Stagger your showers

If you have people living in your house, chances are you have a morning shower rush while your guests try to get a nice hot shower. However, this shouldn’t be a carousel or a revolving door.

If you allow one shower at a time, not only will your hot water run out, but your shower drain will not be completely drained. So put your showers with 15-minute breaks in between. This will ensure that your drains aren’t overloaded and that everyone gets a hot, refreshing shower.

Unless you’re a handyman, don’t stress yourself. Some jobs are better left to the professionals. However, you should move quickly. Many plumbing companies fill up quickly around the holidays, Express Plumbing in San Mateo works around the clock, including holidays and weekends. If you ever need us, just give us a call.

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