4 Spring Home Plumbing Tasks You Can Do Yourself – San Mateo Plumber

Amazing! 4 Spring Home Plumbing Tasks You Can Do Yourself – San Mateo Plumber

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Spring is finally in the air! While getting outside is probably a top priority, as a homeowner you always have something to update, update or fix. One of them is your plumbing. In winter, your family and the weather can wreak havoc on your plumbing. But even if you haven’t noticed any changes to your plumbing, a quick inspection and making a few simple repairs is time well spent. So if you’re feeling like Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It but don’t have a ton of plumbing skills, here are some springtime plumbing tips you can easily do yourself.

1. Check your sump pump

If your home comes equipped with a sump pump, spring is the time to make sure it’s ready to spring into action when needed. Follow these instructions to check your sump pump:

  • Disconnect the sump pump from its power source.
  • Clean it.
  • Remove the pump strainer and clear any debris that is in the line
  • Reassemble the pump and test it in a five gallon bucket of water.
  • If everything works, put it back in place and you’re done.

2. Clean downspouts and gutters

In the winter, your downspouts and gutters get pounded by the weather. Also, you can’t easily clean them when the weather is bad or it’s freezing outside. But once spring brings warmer temperatures, you’ll be ready for the cleanse.

Climb a ladder to hand-clean your gutters, removing dirt and mud along the way. To clean your downspouts, first test them by putting a hose in one. If the water flow appears normal, your downspout should be fine. But if you notice poor water flow, you need to clear the debris. In most cases, you can fully open the hose to clear the clog. However, more stubborn debris may require a coiled tubing or heavy-duty hose.

3. Check for leaks

This is probably the easiest task for the novice plumber. All you have to do is look around faucets and pipes to see if you notice any leaks. If you notice some moisture, find out where the leak is coming from to see if you can fix it. If it’s too high for you, hire a plumber to take care of the problem.

Our technicians at Express Plumbing always go the extra mile. On many occasions, when called in with a problem, they make sure and check the various areas in the area to make sure the homeowner hasn’t overlooked anything. Just a small way to make sure we take care of our neighbors. We have lived and worked in the Bay Area for over 30 years and as a family business we pride ourselves on excellence.

4. Test your outside faucets and sprinkler system

Although outdoor spigots and sprinklers can often survive even a cold winter, problems or leaks can arise if you don’t remove all the water from the pipes before a freeze occurs. The easiest way to identify problems is to simply turn on the faucet or sprinkler system. If you notice leaks, you may need to replace the spigot or sprinkler heads or lines.

Do you need help? Call Express Plumbing

Your DIY plumbing skills can only take you so far, even with great learning resources like websites and YouTube. So, for the more difficult jobs, it’s best to go with a professional.

You can’t go wrong with our team of certified technicians and friendly staff at Express Plumbing. For decades, we’ve been helping homeowners, businesses and communities achieve the impossible. No job is too big or small for our company, we are experienced and equipped to complete a project efficiently and within budget. Call us to discuss this.

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