4 Tools to Thwart Construction Theft

Amazing! 4 Tools to Thwart Construction Theft

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Phil Puccio

Surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly important on construction sites.

Camera systems are often the basis of advanced site security systems. The right system allows for 24/7 remote monitoring of the site. Smart camera systems can provide additional security features – such as night vision, digital zoom, motion detection, alerts, and integration with other site security systems.

Some advanced cameras even use AI for defocus detection – for alerts triggered by motion blur that indicates lens tampering or defocusing. These alerts help cameras protect the site even when a camera is not working properly.

Other AI systems offer even more sophisticated functions, such as people tracking, area monitoring, parking lot occupancy analysis and vehicle analysis. Some companies have even deployed AI and camera systems to enforce social distancing guidelines.

Combined with effective job site lighting, security cameras offer a valuable first line of defense against theft. Because there is such a variety of security cameras on the market, you can probably invest in cameras regardless of your security budget — and even if you don’t have the resources for a sophisticated, AI-enabled camera platform.

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