7 Key Siding Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

Amazing! 7 Key Siding Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

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Replacing your old paneling can change the overall look of your home in an instant. However, if this is your first time tackling this DIY project, you should learn everything there is to know about it. This includes becoming familiar with several terms you may hear from your chosen contractor. Hinkle Roofing, one of the upper sidings and roofing companies in the area, share some of them here:

Important terms for siding

1. Fascia. It completes the look of your roof by covering the rafter edges. Bezels must match your trim panels as they are visible exterior components.

2. Face nail. A variety of nails, including sight nails, can be used to install any trim kit. When a siding is under pressure, end nails prevent the siding from bending or warping. To avoid contact with the plate, the end nails are spaced at a 45 degree angle.

3. Flange. The raised protrusions on the edge of a panel or door are called flanges. These are used to connect siding to each other and to the frame.

4. Blinking. Whether you are a facade installer or a residential and commercial roofer, you can expect the pros to use this term for any material that prevents water from entering your exterior components. When installing cladding, this important material is placed behind J-Channels, corner posts and windows.

5. Latte. Laths are thin strips of wood or metal that hold the paneling to the wall. Most often, laths are used on walls with different facings. For example, battens are used to attach vertical paneling to walls that previously had horizontal paneling.

6. Buttocks. Two fairing parts can be joined together with buttlocks. Sections of pipe, usually made of hollow metal, are inserted into holes drilled in the siding and nailed to the studs on each side of each joint. Because there are no visible fasteners, buttlock joints add strength to a structure.

7. Drip Cap. The drip cap is a tiny, sloping metal or plastic roof that sits on top of the wall. It shields the siding from moisture and foreign objects. It usually turns a brick or stone wall into a gutter when built on top of it.

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