A HIMACS kitchen island as a functional work of art

Amazing! A HIMACS kitchen island as a functional work of art

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Architect Trix van der Mark of Bone Solid interior works in the Netherlands created this unique kitchen to give us an unexpected twist in a sleek, elegant design. Playing with shapes and curves, this organic HIMACS kitchen island borders on an art project.

The client wanted an original kitchen with organic and fluid shapes, more of a work of art than a kitchen, while maintaining functionality. The specifications required a versatile, robust, hygienic material and an impeccable design to produce this open kitchen, and above all to let the imagination run wild towards bold, organic shapes with perfect curves.

The architect adds “In search of an innovative material, the customer came to us on the recommendation of Baars & Bloemhoff, a HIMACS distributor in the Netherlands. She was looking for a company that could tell her more about HIMACS in terms of capabilities, treatment and design. She was immediately drawn to the way the material could fit into a space and become its focal point.” »

To preserve the modern look of the space, the island’s facades and countertop were created in HIMACS to create harmonious, perfect curves. The result is a seamless design with a HIMACS sink, hob, 3 drawer units, cabinet, open space for towels and dishwasher.

With its sinuous lines and perfect finishes, the tone of the island is accentuated by the units fitted with two ovens and a refrigerator on the back wall and the paneling on the side walls.

This innovative island not only demonstrates the versatility of the material: infinitely thermoformable and non-porous with no visible seams, but also how a clear vision and designer understanding of the material means that the possibilities are truly endless.

The challenge in designing this organic form within the existing space was to ensure there was enough freedom of movement while still providing the functionality that a kitchen demands.

Everything has been carefully thought out, including the integrated hob and sink, the position of the dishwasher and its door opening and the perimeter frame created for easy opening, not forgetting the rounded drawers, a real challenge for the interior designer.

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