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Amazing! A new “Products” page

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Phil Puccio

During the year I built up a collection of applications related to BIM. These tools range from Revit plugins to full-fledged web applications to small desktop utilities.

I’ll feature these tools in a blog post as soon as they come out. But those posts quickly get buried in the (fairly alternative) amount of content on this blog.

So I created a new product page. On this page you will find all software products in a clear table.

The product page

Each solution has a separate page that describes it. You can also find a link here to download or open, a link to the source code if available, and a list of related blog posts.

The Group Battles page

There are only 6 applications available at the moment, but I plan to keep adding to this list as I dig out my old developments.

Hope you find something useful on this page. Don’t hesitate to ask for more in the comments.

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