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Phil Puccio

One of the most important buildings in every country is the school, because the future depends on how the next generations are educated. In addition to the teaching standard, informed municipalities and planners know how important a high-quality indoor climate is. Aside from planning and layout, the school must also enjoy the best acoustics, air quality and healthy environment.

Troldtekt solutions not only help improve acoustics, but also influence air quality, overall design, durability and operational economy, contributing to the overall sustainability of a school and visual coherence between rooms.

Today, dealing with pandemics is a rather unexpected problem that has had an impact and has required several emergency responses, especially in new construction. A good example of great design is Denmark’s first newly built architecture school, designed by ADEPT as a laboratory for learning and architectural experimentation. It has several variants of Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

Turnkey architect and founding partner Martin Krogh says: “We chose Troldtekt for its simplicity and versatility. The solutions are perfect for rooms where quiet is needed for focused learning or working, but also in high ceilings and complex background noise.”

Pernille Svendsen from Arkitema Learning is extremely happy with the acoustic solution at Erlev School in Haderslev. “Personally, I think that the Troldtekt ceilings go wonderfully with the wooden structures and the many wooden interior elements. Troldtekt is both an acoustic solution and integrated into the school’s overall design catalogue. The slabs have a slightly rough surface, but in a good way. A school should not look too fine and polished. It is meant to signal that it will stand up to use, hanging, displaying and moving. There is room for change here.”

Troldtekt’s natural and inherently sustainable panels, based on the Cradle to Cradle design concept, are available in a variety of different finishes and colors and contribute positively to a building’s BREEAM, DGNB and LEED ratings. In addition to their high sound absorption and tactile surface, they offer high durability and cost-effective life cycle performance. Available in different sizes and in four gradings, from extremely fine to coarse, the panels can be left untreated or painted in almost any RAL color.

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