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There is only one main difference between dish soap and dish detergent, but it’s a big one. Dishwashing detergent does not foam, but detergent does. The idea of ​​a dishwasher overflowing with bubbles might make a fun picture, but it’s also a big, messy problem. If you accidentally put detergent in the dishwasher, it will cause a headache. If it happens more than once, the soap scum that builds up can eventually damage your dishwasher.

When the worst happens and you are faced with an endless soap avalanche, don’t worry. We’ll tell you how to clean a dishwasher with detergent. More importantly, we tell you how to restore your dishwasher to prevent future problems. If your dishwasher does not work properly after following these steps, call the professionals to Mike Diamond to help.

How to fix dishwasher with detergent in it

First things first, stop the dishwasher immediately. Cancel the wash cycle. If you’re lucky, the soapy water hasn’t completely overflowed. The sooner you switch off the dishwasher, the better your chance of keeping foam out of the inside of the machine.

Once you’ve canceled the cycle, your dishwasher should start draining. It won’t erase everything, but it will make the cleaning process a little less damp.

Clean up any overflow.

If you haven’t been able to stop the cycle in time, there is something you need to clean up. Do not allow water to sit or get into cabinets or hallways. Use a wet mop to clean the overflow. Since the mixture is soap and water, wiping it up with dry towels can leave a residue.

Silver lining: your floor is now clean.

Take out the dishes.

Before you clear out and drain the pipes, you will need to vacuum even more. After the initial drain has finished, open the dishwasher. Remove the dishes and put them in the sink.

Rinse the dishes in the sink to remove any foam residue that may have stuck to them if they overflowed. Consider hand washing the dishes only once while your dishwasher recovers. Otherwise, just rinse them off and leave them in the sink. After you’re done cleaning, you can simply put the dirty dishes back in the washing machine for another cycle!

How to get the soapy water out of the dishwasher.

This is the labor intensive part. You need to rinse and dry the inside of your dishwasher. If you don’t clean it completely, you will continue to have soapy water and suds issues.

Use a small bowl or pan and fill it with clean water repeatedly to wash away bubbles. When your dishwasher is close enough to your sink, you can use your sprayer to rinse it out.

Continue rinsing until bubbles stop appearing as you pour the water into the inside and bottom of the unit. After you’ve rinsed enough, use towels to wipe off and dry off any remaining water. You may need to remove the drawers to complete this step.

Turn on the rinse cycle and let it run.

You don’t have to do a full cycle. Let the rinse cycle run for three to five minutes. It should be enough to remove any remaining soapy water. By the time you’ve listed everything else here, your dishwasher should be detergent free. If there are Soapy water, the rinse cycle washes off any remaining residue. Once this is done, your dishwasher should be functional again.

Do not put detergent soap in the dishwasher!

Now you know what happens when you put detergent in the dishwasher. Hopefully you successfully washed your dishwasher after the soapy water fiasco and survived to tell the story. Next time this or each other Plumbing emergency happens call us. The Mike Diamond team is happy to maintain your dishwasher so that you have clean dishes for a long time.

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