Clogged, Blocked, or Slow Moving Drains? Here’s What to Do

Amazing! Clogged, Blocked, or Slow Moving Drains? Here’s What to Do

Information about Clogged, Blocked, or Slow Moving Drains? Here’s What to Do

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drainTo maintain a good plumbing system, you need to be as proactive as possible. While it’s common for piping problems to sneak up on you and cause disruption, we don’t want this to happen to you repeatedly. That is why today we want you to take a step back and understand what will happen to your plumbing system when this happens.

We specialize in Plumbing in Orlando, FL. If you want to improve your plumbing installation, we can do it for you. Today we’re going to discuss what could be going on in your home if you have a blockage, crack, or slow moving drain and we’ll explain how to fix these issues.

What’s happening?

Let’s go through the problems you may have and their backstory.

Wooden shoes

Leftover food, soap scum, fats, oils, fats and more add up. These are the things that cause the clogs that make your sink bubble.


Are you wondering how blocks differ from clogs? Blocks are what we classify as external problems that have worked their way into your system. These are the branches and other things that can interfere with your home’s plumbing system.

Slowly flowing drains

Slow-flowing drains are the warning signs of clogging. Do not ignore this problem. It is your sign to have a professional at your side.

How did it happen?

Okay, now we come to the question of how this could have happened. This is the tracing that we alluded to in the introduction. Finding out how this happened is the best way to prevent it from ever happening again. Here are some reasons you might have problems:

  • FOG: FOG is an acronym that stands for fat, oil or fat. If you let these substances go down the drain it might be fine at first, but it will eventually settle down and become a problem for your home. These substances are magnets for wooden shoes and create a snowball effect.
  • No drain sieve: The best (and easiest) thing to do for your plumbing is to go to your local hardware store and get yourself a drain strainer. We are all fallible. If you make a mistake from time to time, your drain strainer will have your back.
  • Lack of care or maintenance: You should maintain your home plumbing system like any other home system. Make sure you have a professional at home if you need maintenance or other plumbing work.

What should i do?

In all honesty, it could be better phrased “what not to do” because the only thing you should be doing is making an appointment with a professional. Your plumbing system is complex and requires professional maintenance. Don’t let anyone without years of experience, training and approval touch your plumbing system.

If the in-store and over-the-counter drain cleaners tempt you, this is your warning sign not to do what you consider doing. They need professional care. Amateur plumbing is always bad news. We want to help you get around this.

Contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today to order make an appointment with our professionals.

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