Common Issues With Your Downspouts

Amazing! Common Issues With Your Downspouts

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During the rainy season, you want to keep your home dry and safe. Your downspouts play an important role in draining water from the foundation of your home. But what if they start to fail? In this article, Hinkle Roofing, one of the leading local roofing companies, shares these common problems you may encounter with your downspouts.


Downpipes are blocked

Constipation is the main problem you may face when it comes to your downspouts. If you notice rainwater flowing over the edges of your gutter but not being filtered through it, it could be because it is clogged with leaves, trash, or other type of debris. Be sure to call a professional to clean your downspouts asap. If not, water can get into your basement and cause even more damage.

Downpipes are not enough

If you are building your home you have to roofer will ensure that a gutter system is installed to keep rainwater out of your roof. The same goes for your downspout. It is also important to note that enough downspouts are installed to handle the amount of expected water runoff. If not, water can run down your gutters, which in turn can end up in your basement.

Downpipes are too small

Another thing to consider is the size of your downspouts. If your downspouts are too small, it can increase the risk of clogging from leaves or twigs that may have lodged in them. So make sure your downspouts are big enough. Larger downspouts make it easier to remove water from your home.

Downpipes are too short

Your downspouts may not be able to keep water out of your home if they are not long enough. Therefore, many experts suggest using a permanently attached extension or hinge kicker. If you don’t want long downspouts to ruin the architectural style of your home, you may want to install underground drainage pipes with a pop-up system to keep the foundation of your home safe and dry.

If your downspouts are struggling, it is important to reach out to a professional to help. So call our experts for Hinkle Roofing. We offer many home improvement services including gutters and Image window Installation. Call us at (205) 324-8545 or fill out our Contact form to make an appointment.

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