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No matter how carefully you maintain or maintain your roof, it can experience the inevitable wear and tear over time. An aging roof can create serious problems that you least expect. If your roof is too old, your insurer can also increase your premium or remove your insurance coverage. Hence, you need to know the common signs of an aging roof.

Aging roof

Hinkle Roofing, one of the leading trustworthy Roofing companies, shares the following signs to look out for if you think your roof is getting old.

Dark spots

Dark spots on your roof usually depend on your roofing material. In porous materials such as concrete or bricks, dark spots appear as a result of the formation of moss or algae. They might not be harmful or dangerous, but they will spoil the appearance of your home. On metal roofs, dark spots can be a sign of rust, which can be a serious roofing problem. Rust eats up your metal roof and weakens its structural integrity. If rust forms, it is best to call a professional for the necessary roof repair or replacement.

Peel shingles

Asphalt shingle roofs are one of the most popular roof types, from residential to commercial roofing. Remember that each asphalt shingle has two or more layers of different materials. After years of exposure to extreme weather conditions and other outdoor elements, some layers expand or contract faster than others. This causes the layers to separate from one another, with the top layer usually giving way first. Eventually, as this problem worsens, it can lead to major leaks.

Blistering color

Another problem you may face with an aging roof is blistering. Over time, if there is a gap between the roofing material and the protective layer that was painted over it, bubbles can form. No, due to the constant exposure to heat and moisture, small parts of the paint open up and let in water that can collect in pockets. This lifts the paint off the roofing material and creates bubbles on the roof surface. Therefore, if a bubble breaks, your roofing can be exposed, which also speeds up wear and tear.

Increasing energy bills

Your roof will help insulate your home and keep the internal temperature stable. However, as your roof ages, the insulating properties of your roof also deteriorate. This can cause your HVAC system to work harder than usual to ensure that your home is at its optimal temperature. Because of this, you can see a significant increase in your energy bills. If you think the rest of your home is in good shape but your energy bills are increasing, it is time to contact your roofer as soon as possible.

If you notice these signs of aging on your roof, it is best to get a roof replacement for better protection. Are you looking for an apartment or commercial roofer for your roofing needs? Get in touch with the professionals at Hinkle Roofing. Call us today at (205) 324-8545 or fill out our Contact form to make an appointment.

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