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The cost of installing a concrete countertop can range from $60 to $130 per square foot. These costs include building the forms, designing, pouring and finishing the concrete, and installation.

What you are primarily paying for is the skill and experience of the concrete worker installing your countertop, not the materials and supplies needed to build it.

The average cost of installing a concrete countertop is around $7500.00 with a low range of $5000 and a high range of $10,000.

the average cost of installing concrete countertops

$60-$100 per square foot. feet

Plain gray concrete countertop

Has rounded or square edges

Ground smooth or lightly polished

Clear matte or gloss sealer for finish

$100-$130 per square foot. feet

Gray or colored worktop

Adding glass, shells or other objects

Higher polish – exposed aggregate

Clear matte or gloss sealer for finish

$130 – more

More thickness or unique mix design

Special design like higher bulkhead

Adding special aggregates or insoles

Highly polished – matte or gloss finish

Make the costs for concrete worktops yourself

$500 – $1000 to build a concrete countertop totaling 25 – 30 square feet

There is no question that you can DIY a concrete countertop and save a lot of money.

You just have to know that it’s a lot of work and that it requires some unique skills, which include knowing how to work with concrete, which will either make or break you to your end result.

However, if you do your research and are comfortable with molding, working with power tools, and pouring concrete, you can save thousands of dollars by making your own concrete counters.

Average Material Cost for DIY Concrete Countertop 25 sq ft

7 bags of Quikrete 5000

2 sheets of melamine for shaping


concrete color

Other accessories & tools/rental

Total DIY Cost:





$350.00 may vary depending on the situation


Check out this DIY Concrete Countertop by Pete. In this video he shows you how to install your own!

Cost comparison of concrete countertops with other countertops








$60 – $130 per square foot

$19 to $49 per square foot

$21 – $69 PER SQM

$49 to $89 per square foot

$71 – $150 PER SQM

$79 – $139 per square foot

$109 – $240 PER SQM

The cost comparisons above are average costs for installing different types of countertops, with average costs taken from several different websites on the internet.

Pros and cons of concrete countertops


  1. Can be made in any size and shape to suit your needs and desires.
  2. Concrete is very scratch and heat resistant.
  3. Can create unique designs using glass, shell, stone, paint and fiber optic lighting.
  4. When properly sealed, they are easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Can increase the value of the house.


  1. Upfront costs can be expensive when installing (unless you DIY it yourself 🙂
  2. Must be sealed every year.
  3. Very difficult to install – existing cabinets may need strengthening.
  4. Cracks are possible and repairs can be difficult.

the cost of hiring a concrete countertop contractor

All concrete countertop costs vary in price between the many different contractors building them.

I’m giving you the perspective of one, my friend, Jon Meade of Jon Meade Design. Jon has been building and installing concrete countertops for 15 years.

He has built many types of concrete countertops, from plain gray with a polished finish to highly decorative stones, glass or metal embedded in the surface and polished to a high gloss.

He builds and installs them in homes, bars, restaurants, villas, condos and more.

The bottom one is a colored concrete countertop that Jon installed for a client’s kitchen.

What is included in a base price for a concrete countertop?

  1. Its own high strength compound design
  2. Reinforced steel, mesh and fiber reinforcement
  3. 2 inch thick countertop
  4. Worktop prefabricated in his own workshop
  5. Concrete stain if a color is desired
  6. Densifier/hardener for the concrete
  7. Polished to 3000 grit
  8. Delivery & assembly
  9. Maintenance and care instructions

When you compare costs between concrete countertops and granite, marble or Corian, you are not really comparing apples to apples.

Concrete countertops are handcrafted at every step. The molds are made by hand, the mix is ​​poured and leveled by hand, the concrete is stained, finished and polished by hand. You just don’t get this unique quality from any other type of material.

Try incorporating a draining board in granite, or embedding decorative glass, seashells or rocks you found on the beach in marble, or creating the translucent effect of concrete stains on Corian concrete for your countertop.

So the question is, at $100.00 per square foot for a concrete countertop, is that a lot of money or is it a bargain?

I think it’s a bargain.

When you receive quotes for specific worktop prices, make sure the quote is handwritten in a quote or contract form and is very detailed as to what is and is not included in the price.

When trying to decide how to choose a concrete countertop contractor, look for one that enlightens you on how the concrete will perform as a countertop.

He or she should be aware of durability, maintenance, what to avoid and how to fix a problem. They should give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right person to build your concrete countertop. Remember this will last a lifetime.


Take your time and review the above costs. In some cases, it’s not just about the price. It’s about what you want to live with. You use your kitchen a lot and want to be happy with your worktop.

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