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These are mine concrete training who will teach you how to work with concrete.

If you want to learn concrete, I offer individual concrete training courses that teach you:

Are you looking for specific training courses near me?

she don’t have to travel for specific training if you can learn directly on the computer.

I created these specific training videos so that you can learn how to work with concrete anywhere in the world.

My name is Mike Day, I own Day’s Concrete Floors, Inc.

I’ve been self-employed in the business for almost 40 years, casting, processing, punching and repairing all kinds of concrete projects.

If you are a beginner, DIY enthusiast, or already in the specific business and want to hone your skills, my online training courses are here to help you learn, understand, and teach the skills needed to do concrete job.

Online concrete training at will

You can watch my video training courses in peace.

When and where you want (as long as you have WiFi).

You don’t have to miss out on a weekend, pay for a hotel, drive to another state (or worse, fly).

I have personally invested thousands of dollars in specific training for myself over the years. Most of the training courses were out of state and included an overnight stay.

I easily spent over $ 1,000 on travel, food, and the course fee every time I went to one of these courses.

You no longer have to do what I did to learn how to work with concrete. I created these courses so that you can study right from home.

And ….. save a lot of time and money while learning real skills, real information and real experience from a REAL professional.

What are the specific courses about?

How to install a concrete ceiling course

DIY concrete slab course

This course teaches you:

  1. My 6 steps to sculpting a concrete slab (including using a laser level to set your grades)
  2. How to calculate how much concrete you will need
  3. How to pour the concrete for your slab (including spreading, leveling, screeding, and bull-floating the concrete)
  4. How to finish the concrete with a trowel

The course also shows and teaches you:

  • Here’s how to install a 24 x 20 foot garage panel
  • Here’s how to install a 28 x 20 foot concrete slab
  • Here’s how to install a 12ft x 16ft scale sheet
  • The basics of forming a 6 in concrete slab
  • How to machine smooth a concrete floor
  • How to use a vibrating screed

In this course I will teach you how we work with concrete.

I will share with you all my knowledge, skills, tips and some secrets that will help you to be successful and improve your skills.

You can find the concrete slab course here.

Check out the video below for a preview of what the course will teach you:

How to stamp concrete course

How to Stamp Concrete Diy Course

If you’re looking to learn how to stamp concrete, this is the most in-depth concrete stamping training available online.

I earn my living installing punched concrete. I’ve broken this course down into easy-to-follow steps that will teach you everything you need to know about learning about punched concrete.


  1. Where to buy your integrated paint and release powder
  2. Where to buy your concrete punches and touch up tools.
  3. How to add an integral color to the concrete mix.
  4. How to pour colored concrete
  5. What to do with the concrete before you start stamping (very important)
  6. The stamping process – this is how you stamp concrete
  7. This is how you saw your expansion joints
  8. How to clean the concrete before sealing
  9. How and with what to seal the concrete

I also teach you:

  • How to stamp a barn board pattern
  • How to stamp a cuboid-slate pattern
  • My recommended sealer for stamp concrete
  • How to maintain punched concrete
  • How to clean and seal concrete when it’s a few years old or older.

I will also show you examples of us stamping:

  • A large barn slab embossed concrete floor
  • A 40 m² terrace and an embossed concrete walkway
  • A 16 ‘x 12’ die cut concrete patio slab

I created the course using several videos that show you all of the information listed above in an easy to understand format.

It took me years to learn and acquire all of the skills necessary to be really good at concrete stamping.

I want to shorten this learning curve for you, which is why I created this course. You learn from a REAL professional in REAL jobs.

You can use this online training to teach yourself or your crew. Minimize downtime and minimize errors.

Get the Stamped Concrete Course here.

For a preview of what I’m about to teach you, watch the video below:

Repair course for concrete wall cracks

If you want to learn how to repair a crack in your basement foundation to prevent the crack from leaking, this course will teach you how to do it.


  1. What repair product do you need to repair the crack?
  2. Here’s how to prepare the crack for injection
  3. How to install the injection ports
  4. How to seal the crack before the injection
  5. Correct assembly of injection tube and hose
  6. Where to start injecting the crack first?
  7. The complete injection process from start to finish
  8. This is how you can tell if you’re getting it right
  9. What to expect when the repair material is dry
  10. Here’s how to remove the injection ports when you’re done
  11. This will smooth out and clean the surface when you’re done.

Crack grouting and sealing leaks in basement concrete walls is another big part of my business.

The repair kit we use to fix these cracks is easy to use.

In my course you will learn how to assemble the repair kit and walk you through step by step how to fix a leaky crack.

We have repaired hundreds of leaking basement cracks and made the process a science.

My course will answer all of your questions, show you our technique and save you a lot of money by not having to hire someone to do it for you.

If you’re a contractor looking to add another source of income to your business, this course will teach you how to fix these cracks so you can bill your customers for the work.

If you want to set up your own business, this course will teach you how to repair leaky foundation cracks.

Get the DIY Foundation Crack Repair Course here.

Here is an introduction to what you will learn from the crack repair course:

Here’s how to make your own solid color epoxy floor coating course

In this course, you will learn how to successfully apply an epoxy coating on a garage floor, basement floor, or almost any type of concrete floor.

You will learn all of the steps required to ensure that your epoxy coating is done correctly.

I install a lot of epoxy garage floor coatings for my clients and this course is a step by step video of how I do it.

This online training includes:

  1. Soil preparation – this is how your coating will stick to the concrete.
  2. How to fix cracks, chipping, and flaking
  3. The best way to clean the concrete before coating.
  4. Which epoxy to use and where can you get it?
  5. The tools and materials you need
  6. This is how you mix and apply the primer
  7. Mixing and applying the colored epoxy coating.
  8. How to apply the protective top coat.

This is an easy-to-follow training course that will help homeowners and DIY enthusiasts lay their own epoxy floor covering.

The course is also aimed at contractors who want to learn how to do epoxy coatings or install a floor coating for their project.

Get the garage epoxy floor coating course here.

Watch us install this epoxy coating for the garage floor. This is exactly what the course will teach you!

How to make your own garage floor coating with epoxy flakes

This is a video training course that will show you how to apply an epoxy flake coating to your garage floor.

I am laying 3 different garage floors with epoxy flake coatings.

You will learn how to properly prepare the concrete before rolling up the base coat.

You will learn how to repair cracks, flakes, holes and small fragments of concrete in your floor.

I’ll show you where to get the best epoxy, topcoat, and flakes for your floor.

You will see what supplies and tools you will need to complete the job.

How to properly roll up the basecoat, which opacity is best and how to sprinkle the flakes into the basecoat.

How to scrape and clean the flake before topcoating

How to apply the clear protective varnish so that your flake coating will last for years.

I’ll teach you how to install a flake coating just like I do for my clients.

Get the full course HERE


30 day money back guarantee

These specific training courses are real “on the job” experiences that I have implemented in video training courses.

You will learn how and what it really is like to perform each of these applications in a real, work-like environment.

Not in a controlled classroom where the conditions are perfect and no problems arise. (not realistic)

I have a 30 day money back guarantee on all of these courses. If you are not completely satisfied, let me know within 30 days and I will refund all of your money.


Learn more advanced specific skills and techniques-
the concrete base

Online concrete courses training

The concrete base Here I teach all of my more advanced pouring, molding, and finishing techniques.

I have several training tutorials on pouring and finishing concrete floors, slabs, paths, terraces and pool decks.

There are tutorials on estimating and pricing specific jobs, as well as help from me to start your own business.

If you are looking to get into the concrete business and need my help on various aspects to learn how to do it right, this is the place for you.



I hope you find these courses helpful in achieving your specific business success!


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