Concrete Without Gravel – Best Types of Concrete Mix For Diy Projects

Amazing! Concrete Without Gravel – Best Types of Concrete Mix For Diy Projects

Information about Concrete Without Gravel – Best Types of Concrete Mix For Diy Projects

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Concrete without gravel

Can you make concrete without gravel?

A typical concrete mix cannot be made without gravel. Concrete is made from a mixture of cement, sand, gravel (crushed stone) and water. A mixing ratio of 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, 3 parts gravel and water results in a strong concrete mix.

When you peel the gravel off the concrete, you have what is known as a mortar mix. Mortar mix is ​​made from the combination of cement, sand and water.

It is the gravel (or aggregates of stone) in the concrete that gives it a lot of strength. This makes it a construction material that can be used to build houses, bridges, and roads.

Without gravel, it’s mostly used as a glue to hold bricks, blocks, and stone together.

How is concrete made?

What are the different types of concrete mixes?

Normal concrete mix or portland cement, sand and gravel. It is widely used on slabs, patios, floors, foundations, steps, and walkways.

Fast-setting concrete has the same sand and gravel, but a special mix of quick-setting cements. It gets tough in 20-40 minutes. Use it on fence posts, steps, walkways, small panels.

Crack-resistant concrete has cement, sand and gravel, but also air-entraining agents and reinforcing fibers. This recipe helps reduce cracking from drying shrinkage and can be used for structural concrete structures.

There are many other different types of concrete mixes. They either have slightly different mixes of cement, sand and gravel, and / or have different admixtures added to them for specific applications.

But they all have some kind of gravel or stone as one of the ingredients. If it doesn’t, then it is not considered a concrete mix, but a kind of mortar mix.

What is the difference between concrete, cement and mortar?

  1. Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and gravel.
  2. Cement is a powder – when mixed with water, it forms a paste that hardens. It’s one of the main ingredients used to make concrete and mortar.
  3. Mortar is a mixture of Portland cement, hydrated lime and sand. (no gravel or stone)


Made of cement, sand & gravel

Construction material

Used for building foundations, floors, slabs, bridges and roads

Common strengths are 2500 psi – 5000 psi


Made from limestone, quartz sand, iron ore, clay, slate, slate

When mixed with water, creates a paste that combines with sand / rock to harden

Used to make concrete and mortar


Made from cement, hydrated lime, fine sand

Used for the construction of brick, block, stone walls

Not as strong as concrete

3 basic types – M, S, N, each has a different strength

Can I make concrete with just sand and cement?

No, you can’t make concrete with just sand and cement. Concrete is not considered concrete without aggregates such as gravel and stone. It is the aggregates that contribute to the high strength of the concrete.

If you just mix sand and cement (with water) you are closer to mortar or masonry cement, but it has very poor strength and is not suitable for any type of structural application.

There are many different types of mortar mixes. These two are widely used in making block walls, brick walls, stone veneers, pins, planters, and more.

Both are a “just add water” mix and very easy to use.

You can Buy Quikrete mortar mix on Amazon or you can get it from Home Depot.

Rapid Set makes a high strength structural repair mortar.

It’s about as close as possible to making concrete without gravel.

Its high strength and low shrinkage make it very good for wall and floor repairs, mortar beds and masonry.

It can be applied up to 6 “thick.

It has a very quick drying time.

Rapid Set mortar mix is ​​available for buy from Amazon too, or you can get it at Home Depot.

Make sure you are right Masonry tools if you are working with a mortar mix.

Concrete vs cement

The term “cement” is often used when it comes to concrete. You could say “cement truck”, “cement slab”, or “pour cement”. If you really mean concrete wagons, concrete slabs or concrete paving.

Cement is a dry powder and is one of the components of concrete. It helps bind the sand and aggregates together to form concrete. Concrete is made by mixing cement, sand, gravel and water.

A simple mixing ratio for making concrete is 1 part cement to 2 parts sand to 3 parts gravel. Mix with enough water to make a usable mixture.

Understanding the difference between concrete and cement will help you choose the right material for your project’s construction.

What size gravel is best for concrete?

Use most concrete mixes Gravel or stone 3/8 “to 3/4” in size. Some gravel also contains some finer aggregates.

When you combine gravel of this size with sand and portland cement (don’t forget water), you get a very durable, strong and easy-to-use concrete mix.

Larger gravel and stone, 1 “, 1.5” or 2 “, makes a very strong concrete mix when dosed correctly, but is more difficult to place, level, and smooth.

is quikrete as strong as concrete?

Yes, Quikrete concrete mixes are as strong as normal ready-mixed concrete.

Quikrete’s original concrete mix has a compressive strength of 4000 psi. Quikrete 5000 reaches a compressive strength of 5000 psi in 28 days.

Many common ready-mix concretes are designed to reach 2500 – 4000 psi in 28 days. These concrete mixes are used for foundations, foundations, floors, slabs, driveways and patios.

In the above tutorial, Quikrete designs its concrete mixes to all hit at least 4000 psi in 28 days. Just follow the mixing instructions to achieve these strengths.

learn how to mix and process concrete

If you need help with mixing, pouring, finishing and just learning with concrete, you can learn from me in The concrete base.

I will teach you how to pour and finish concrete for floors, slabs, patios, walkways and stairs.

I have all of my training courses there and a lot more. There are many others, just like you, and you can ask me questions on the private forum.

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