Concrete Yardage Calculators – How Much Do I Need For Any Type of Job

Amazing! Concrete Yardage Calculators – How Much Do I Need For Any Type of Job

Information about Concrete Yardage Calculators – How Much Do I Need For Any Type of Job

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Calculate the concrete cubic meters for ceilings, walls, foundations, pillars, stairs, blocks, curbs and gutters with the many different concrete calculators on this page.

Estimate the volume and weight of concrete you will need for a given area.

Find out how many cubic meters of concrete you need in both US units of measure (feet and inches) and international units of measure or metric units (meters and centimeters).

Concrete calculator


The best (and fastest) way to calculate the specific distance is to use a concrete calculator.

These concrete calculators are very accurate and will help you determine the amount of concrete you will need for the nature of your project.

Always add a little more to the estimated amount just to be on the safe side.

A specific project is seldom perfect and you don’t want to run out of quantities.

You can calculate the concrete cubic meters, weight, and number of bags you will need for:

  • Concrete slabs
  • Concrete walls
  • Concrete foundations
  • Circular plates or tubes
  • Columns or Sono tubes
  • Concrete curbs and gutters
  • Concrete stairs

Concrete calculator formula for a slab or floor

If you want to use a formula to calculate concrete volume, I have a whole page like the above picture that shows you a written formula for:

  1. Square or rectangular panels
  2. Round plates
  3. Concrete walls
  4. Concrete footers
  5. Square pillars
  6. Round pillars
  7. Concrete stairs and steps
  8. Concrete curbs and gutters

Concrete calculator for special applications

Use the concrete calculators below to determine the specific mileage for your specific project.

Use the above calculators for estimation purposes only.

always check Your calculations when you make specific calculations for a project. Not having enough concrete to finish off can be both frustrating and problematic.

Concrete is made from aggregates (stone), sand, cement and water.

You can make your own concrete using the raw materials and my concrete mix ratio formula, or you can buy pre-mixed concrete in bags that you just add water to.

For large projects, ordering concrete from a ready-mixed concrete company is usually easier and faster.

Learn how to make your own concrete slab by using my. to take Concrete slab course.

the Concrete calculator APP for the Iphone and Android smartphone is terrific! I use it daily. The free desktop download is courtesy of Meet-Mr-Concrete.

Learn How I Check the Subsoil to Find the Average Thickness of a Concrete Floor on the Floor or Slab Calculator Page.

When I order concrete from a ready mix company, I always add 1/2 to 1 yard more than it says on the calculator.

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