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Phil Puccio

If you are thinking of attending BILT NA, BCS, Data Day or DTS (all events from DBW America 2022) You have received an extension to submit your abstract(s). It’s true the people of DBE have extended the deadline to Monday 17th January 2022 at 11:59pm PST. Read on for some helpful tips on submitting today!

click HERE to submit yours now.

If you’re not sure what to submit, you can continue until the end of the “Call for abstracts” and check out some interesting topics and click the > icon for more information

Check out these blog posts by for more help Phil reading of the DBEI News Blog (old RTC news blog). They’re a bit older, but the content is still spot on.

Abstract submission open

Opens soon!

“Successful Presentation Summary” – PDF Download

Or this one Ceilidh Higgins, also from the DBEI News Blog (old RTC news blog).

Top 10 – How do I get my abstract accepted for BILT?

So you want to be a TED speaker? How to stand out from the crowd

Ceilidh also has a blog post covering you for getting approval to speak at DBW Americas 2022

How to get permission to speak at BILT

Okay, you know what you want to talk about but not sure if speaking at DBW Americas 2022 (BILT NA, BCS, Data Day or DTS) is something for you then check out this post by to the man himself Marcello Sgambelluri

My top 8 reasons why I speak at RTC (now BILT).

You’d rather learn while you drive or walk your dog… don’t worry, that has you covered there too Simply complex podcast.


Still, if you need a reason to speak at BILT or any of the DBW Americas 2022 events, read this post by Rebecca de Cicco at the DBEI News Blog (old RTC news blog).

Why I speak at BILT – Rebecca de Cicco

And finally, a personal tip from you, always First write down your abstract BEFORE You go to submit it online! I’ve lost more abstracts than I care to remember when I accidentally close the browser or there’s an error on the site.

You can download a simple Word template that I use HERE or make your own based on the image below.

Oh, I almost forgot that this year the number of entries is limited, some say “the Carl rule”. So make sure you review all of your submissions and propose your best 10 (or fewer) as your abstracts for 2022.

So don’t miss your last chance to submit DBW America 2022 and get your abstracts before 11:59pm PST on Monday 17th January 2022!

Hope to see you in Anaheim in June!


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