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Household drains are like any other device in your home. When you least expect it, something goes wrong. Professional drain cleaning usually only comes to mind when there is a plumbing emergency. When do you know it’s time to get a cleanup if there isn’t a current crisis? We’ve rounded up five common signs that it is time to call Mr Plumber for a drain cleaning:

Slow emptying

Delayed drain is when your drain is unable to remove sewage at the required rate. You may find that your sinks are taking longer than normal to empty, or you may find residual water in your washing machine after a load of laundry.

All too obvious a problem, slow draining drains are a sign of a clog in your pipes. This is typically achieved by a collection of:

  • hair
  • soap
  • fat
  • Food particles

It’s best to call a professional drain cleaning service instead of waiting for everything to clear up on its own.

Water support

Another sign that it is time to clean is a supply of water. Standing water is water that cannot drain, no matter how little or how much water there is. If left too long, this water can give off a foul smelling odor. Water jams can occur anywhere, including:

  • Washing machine
  • sink
  • Shower / bathtub

This is usually a problem with the drain line. The water has nowhere else to go, so it leaks out and stays in the areas mentioned above. If any of these areas always seem filled with water that isn’t going down the drain, it is a major sign that your pipes need cleaning ASAP.

Strange noise

If your piping doesn’t sound right, it usually means something is wrong. From the rattling in your pipes to the gurgling and blowing from your drains, these are noises you can’t blame the wind on. They could be signs of a serious problem, such as a build-up of foreign objects. As soon as you hear a strange noise, it is a good idea to call a professional plumber.

Bad smell

A bad smell is almost always a sure sign that there is a problem. While it’s uncomfortable, it’s a major warning sign that your drains need cleaning. A sewage odor is caused by sewage gas or debris that is in your pipes.

Flushing your toilets will only fester the trash, which can be worse in the humid heat of San Antonio. As soon as you smell something unpleasant and find it coming out of your pipes, schedule a drain cleaning immediately.

Fruit and filter flies

All of the garbage and sewage buildup mentioned above will quickly attract flies buzzing around your pipes and drains. Fruit flies may only be a nuisance at first, but they can quickly become a health hazard if they crowd your kitchen near your food. Of course, fruit flies are also attracted to rotten fruit or forgotten soda cans, so it is best to make sure they are more attracted to your pipes before assuming it is a problem with the plumbing.

Another pest you may see from clogged drains is filter flies, also known as drain flies. These insects breed in drains and septic tanks. These tiny flies are attracted to clogged drains and are most likely to be seen in your bathroom once they’ve made a home in your drains.

Leave it to the Mr. Plumber Professionals

For the best drain cleaning service in San Antonio, contact Mr. Plumber. Our drain cleaning service is sure to eliminate any problems you might have, be it a bad smell or stagnant water. Don’t let a small problem turn into an emergency. Contact us today!

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