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It is likely that homeowners will reply that both the roof and the exterior cladding are the most important forms of home protection. However, there are other components that help make your home safe and comfortable, namely a house cover. roofer Hinkle Roofing will explain you in this post.

What is the house wrap?

The house shell is a synthetic material – such as fiber, paper, or cardboard – that covers the outside of the house walls or is behind the cladding. It is an airtight, watertight barrier that resembles the underlay of a roofing system, but also acts as a thermal barrier that helps keep the house insulated along with the actual insulation in an interior wall. Since most facing materials are not completely waterproof, the house shell acts as a weatherproof barrier that keeps out wind-driven rain.

Why do you need a house envelope?

Local roofing companies say the main purpose of home packaging is to prevent moisture from entering a home’s wall cavity. House foil is water-repellent, but usually not waterproof – but for good reason. If a house wrapping material is impermeable to water, it can trap moisture-filled air in the wall cavity, potentially causing mold and rot.

Does your home need a new house envelope?

Remember that if you have a newly built house, there is a good chance it will be protected by a house envelope. However, older homes may not have house wrapping as it is a relatively new addition to home building. The good thing about it is that it can be retrofitted even in most traditional homes.

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