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Building Information Modeling, also known as BIM, has become an increasingly important tool in the construction industry that enables us to involve customers, employees and other stakeholders in the planning and creation of structures from the very beginning, which helps us to save time save and money and help ensure that the finished development satisfies everyone.

In order to efficiently implement BIM in a project, we have to plan and control our digital construction process in an organized manner, and this is where planBIM comes in. planBIM is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that can be your ideal companion for BIM implementation. planBIM offers five modules, namely the modules scoper, docs, file, content and tracker. These modules have been developed by taking suggestions from various professionals in the BIM field. In this blog we discuss the doc module offered by planBIM.

The Doc’s module is a documentation tool that was developed with the construction industry in mind. BIM Execution Plans (BEPs), Exchange Information Requirements (EIRs), Asset Information Requirements (AIRs) etc. are some of the most important documents that are required from the beginning during the entire modeling process. The Doc’s module gives you the ability to create this and these documents can be accessed and viewed by all team members working on the project.

The document can be broken down into several sections for different topics, and these sections can also be grouped as subsections under a section. There is also a simple user interface for the approval workflow, which is designed for the Docs module. You can mark a section or subsection as In Progress, In Review, Approved, or Rejected as needed.

You also have the option to manage the staff such as managers and editors who have access to and can edit the draft area of ​​the document. Because it is a cloud-based document, multiple people working in different companies can access this document from different locations and make changes or view and collaborate at the same time. There is also an option on the right for people to comment on the document or engage in discussions, which helps to make the collaboration between the different members working on the project more efficient.

There is also the option of importing documents that are already in use from Excel, Word or other standard tools with one click. You can also keep the formatting and other features of this document and simply save them as templates and use them again in your future projects.

We have also provided an option that allows you to insert dynamic content like powerpoints, youtube videos, etc. to quickly get the idea of ​​the document across. You can embed or integrate files from multiple sources such as Microsoft Word, Excel PowerPoint, Google Slides, Spreadsheets, Documents, Forms and much more.

The next function of the doc module of planBIM is the version control and the revision history. You can easily publish a new version or update the document and all members who access it will see the latest published version in real time. You can also publish an entire section or even just a subsection as per your requirements. And if something goes wrong, you always have the option to restore the previously published document from your cloud. Finally, you can convert the documents into simple PDF formats that can be sent to non-project participants if necessary.

In summary, it can be said that dealing with the design or modeling documents has always been a tedious task, and the Doc’s module in planBIM will help you master this. It is designed to minimize most of the difficulties that professionals in our industry face. The Docs module is a new generation tool that helps in improving the workflow and collaboration between the different parties involved in your project. For more information you can contact!

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