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At Mr. Plumber, we understand the importance of keeping your pipes in good condition. Because of this, it is important to be careful about what objects you are inserting into your pipes.

You may find yourself having problems with your pipes when your sinks are clogged and your drain is working inefficiently. While our team is highly skilled and can assist you with your installation needs, there are steps you can take to avoid pipe repair.

Protect your pipes by following our tips on what items not to drop down the drain.

Cooking fat

Since edible fat becomes liquid when heated, it can appear like it could easily get down the drain. However, when the fat cools down, it will solidify again at some point. As it dries, it can stick to your pipes, which can lead to clogging and clogging.

Instead of pouring fat down the drain, you should have a designated container like an old can to pour the frying fat into. When the can is full, you can throw it away and start filling a new container. This will keep your pipes protected and your drainage working efficiently.


When substances get through your pipes, residues can be left behind, which get stuck in what is known as the P-trap. The P-trap is the bend in your pipes that holds liquid.

If bleach is poured down your drains, traces of it can be left in your pipes. This can create problems if other substances go down your drain. That’s because these two substances react and can produce dangerous results.

Bleach is a strong chemical and can damage your pipes. It could also mix with other substances to create toxic fumes. To keep you and your pipes healthy, avoid pouring bleach down your drain.

Coffee grounds

While some items can disintegrate and fall apart in water, coffee grounds do not. Instead, they can clump together and get stuck in your pipes.

When disposing of your coffee grounds, consider throwing them away instead of throwing them down the drain. In addition, coffee grounds can also be used as fertilizer if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to get rid of your waste.


Some examples of starchy foods are pasta, rice, and potatoes. These foods are bad for your drainage and can cause clogs in your pipes. This is because, once starchy foods get down your drain, they can turn into a pasty substance.

Even if you have a trash can in your sink, it’s best to throw away or compost your remaining groceries. By properly disposing of your waste, you can protect your plumbing.


You shouldn’t throw medication down the drain as it can dissolve in water, which can then be released back into the environment. Additionally, if the drug dissolves, it can damage your tubes.

If you have medication that needs to be disposed of, it should always be disposed of properly. This serves to protect people, animals and the environment.

Small objects

Even if you don’t want to let household items go down the drain, accidents happen! Hairpins, razor caps, hair ties, and jewelry are examples of things that can fall down the drain if placed too close to a sink or bathtub.

If these items get down your drain, they may not be able to go through, causing your drain to work slower or to become clogged. To prevent small items from going down your drain, you should have a designated space, a safe distance from the sink, to place your small items. This way you cannot damage or lose your property.

There are also covers that you can place over your drain to catch larger items. This prevents objects from falling through, while the liquid can still drain properly.

If your drain is clogged, Mr. Plumber can help! We also offer other plumbing services such as pipe installation, sewer inspection and more.

We pride ourselves on serving San Antonio residents since 1977 and always striving to be reliable and trustworthy. We are ready to do whatever we can to meet your plumbing needs. Contact us make an appointment today!

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