Do’s and Don’ts Of Low-Slope Roofing Maintenance

Amazing! Do’s and Don’ts Of Low-Slope Roofing Maintenance

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It is always crucial to maintain the condition of your flat roof to ensure that your interior space remains comfortable while minimizing other costly structural problems. Since it is a complicated process, the window and roof installer Hinkle Roofing lists the things that you should and shouldn’t do when maintaining your flat roof.

Do's and Don'ts for the maintenance of flat roofs


  • Regular roof checks. Even with a good drainage system, there is always a tendency for water to collect because your roof has no slope. Never forget that pooled water can rot your underlying roofing layers and add extra weight. It is therefore important to schedule controls in good time.
  • Check the drainage system from time to time. As mentioned earlier, since your roof has little or almost no pitch, keeping it dry is your top priority to avoid costly repairs. However, if it turns out that the water is not flowing properly down your downspouts, call “Roofers near me” right away.


  • Ignoring the formation of ice and snow. Eliminate snow and ice build-up during the winter months. Snow in the center of your roof can melt and refreeze around the perimeter. This leads to clogged drains, so delaying this practice would create more problems.
  • Let the trees grow nearby. Hold branches back at least six feet so they don’t fall on your flat roof. Experts note that large branches can pierce your roof and cause structural defects, while smaller twigs and leaves can clog your drains and cause water to pool on your roof.

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