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Amazing! Fast Setting Concrete Mix (Recipe-Ingredients-Mix Design)

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ONE The quick setting concrete mix has the following ingredients included to speed up the set time:

  1. Extra portland cement
  2. Water-reducing admixture
  3. Warm water (for mixing)
  4. An accelerator admixture (calcium chloride)

If you need a concrete mix that builds up quickly, plan on using at least a 4000 psi mix. This type of mix contains more cement than most conventional concrete mixes.

More cement in the mix means more heat of hydration as the concrete sets, which speeds up the hardening process.

Using warm water will also help reduce setting times, especially if you are pouring concrete in cold temperatures.

A water-reducing admixture helps to lower the water-cement ratio in the mix and still gives you a workable mix for placing your concrete. This helps with setting times and improves strength over just using water.

Adding an accelerating additive to the concrete shortens the setting time by 10-30% in many cases.

cold setting mixture for floors and terraces

In the video above, I am using a 4000 psi concrete mix to pour this concrete floor. The concrete had 115 degrees F water, 20 ounces of water reducer per meter of concrete, and we used two 50 pound bags of calcium chloride in each truck load.

The outside temperature was 32 degrees when we started pouring the floor. You can see the steam coming out of the concrete as we distribute it.

We started watering around 7:00 am and finished smoothing at 2:00 pm. The outside temperature never rose above 41 degrees.

the main ingredients for quick-setting concrete, warm / hot water are in the mix and the use of an accelerator such as calcium chloride.

These two ingredients accelerate the setting times of any concrete mix, regardless of whether it is a ready mix or a bag mix such as quikrete or sacret.

does hot water make the concrete harden faster?

Using hot water to mix concrete helps reduce setting time by increasing the rate of hydration heat.

Heat of hydration is a chemical reaction that takes place when cement and water are mixed together.

If the water is COLD, less heat develops and the concrete hardens more slowly.

If the mixing water is HOT, more heat develops, which means that the concrete builds up much faster.

Outside, the ambient air temperatures and the mixed water temperatures HOT or COLD play a very important role when setting FAST of SLOW concrete. Hot = Fast and Cold = Slow (in most cases)

How do you make concrete faster? (2 easiest methods)

The best and easiest way to make the concrete go faster is to use hot water to mix it. If you use warm or really hot water, the set time will be longer.

The second best way is to use an accelerator such as calcium chloride flakes. You can use this in place of hot water when hot water is not available.

Most local hardware stores carry calcium chloride flakes / pellets in either 25 pound or 50 pound bags.

If you’re using an 80 pound bag mix, only use about 2 cups of calcium chloride flakes to see how quickly it starts to set up and adjust up or down from there.

What is the fastest drying cement and concrete mix?

The fastest drying cement mix and concrete mix is ​​the RAPID SET brand from CTS CEMENT.

They have a quick setting cement mix called CEMENT ALL. This cement mix builds up in just a few minutes and hard enough to walk on in 20-30 minutes. It comes in a blue bag or blue box for HD.

CTS also has a quick setting concrete mix called RAPID SET CONCRETE MIX. This is also set up in just a few minutes and contains 3/8 “stone aggregate. It comes in a green bag and is available in HD.

I personally use both the Rapid Set Concrete Mix and Cement All for a lot of repairs and small concrete projects. But be careful, both are set up very quickly.

They actually have a “Set Slowing Addmixture Pack” to slow down the set and give you more work time when you think you will need it.

what is quikrete’s fastest setting concrete mix?

Quikrete has a RED bag called “Fast Setting Concrete MIx”. They claim that they cure in 20-40 minutes and can be walked on in 2 hours.

You can use this 50 pound quick-drying bag mix for steps, sidewalks, slabs, and for setting fence posts or mailbox posts.

With this concrete mix, posts can be set without mixing. Just pour the dry ingredients around the post and spray water on them to harden.

This mixture will reach 4000 psi in 28 days.

Quikrete also has a “High Early Strength” concrete mix called Quikrete 5000. It’s not a quick set mix, but it builds up faster than their regular bag mixes. (I used it for countertops)

This can be used for almost anything; Foundations, slabs, walkways and floors. Just add some accelerator if you need it to heal faster. It will reach 5000 psi in 28 days.

You can purchase one of these concrete mixes from Home Depot.

What is the fastest setting concrete mix from Sakrete?

You guessed it, Sakrete has a 50 pound bag called “Fast Setting Concrete MIx”. (I see a trend here)

It will cure in 30 minutes and you can walk on it in 6 hours and drive on it in 48 hours.

This can be used for setting posts, slabs, sidewalks, patios, curbs and ramps.

It will hit 4000 psi in 28 days. You can get this at Lowe’s and most local hardware stores.

quick-setting concrete additives – what to use

A fast-setting additive for concrete mixes increases the setting and hardening times of your concrete considerably.

Quikrete has one 1.5 lb concrete mix accelerator that comes in a green and black box. You can add 1 or 2 of these to a 60 or 80 pound bag mix to speed up the set time. Buy this directly from Home Depot.

Sacrete has one 1 gallon bottle “Cement Mix Accelerator” can be added to your concrete mix to speed up the setting time.

How much you add and how quickly the setting times are extended also depends on how cold it is outside and how cold or warm the water you are mixing with is.

Calcium chloride flakes are another additive that increases the setting time. Just mix about a cup or two in the mixing water before adding your bag-mix concrete. Then mix the concrete and use it as you normally would. Just move a little faster πŸ™‚

We use a 50 pound sack of calcium per 5 feet of concrete when pouring concrete floors. This significantly extends the setting times in colder weather. Add hot water to the mix and you have a quick setting concrete mix.

How much water do you need per bag?

Depending on which fast-setting sachet mix you choose, you will need to add the right amount of water for the best results.

Each brand is very similar when it comes to adding mixed water, here is the breakdown:

  • Sacret quick-setting concrete mix is ​​2.5-3 liters of water per bag
  • Quikrete Fast-curing Concrete Mixture contains 2.5 liters of water per bag
  • Rapid Set Concrete Mix (green bag) contains 3.5 to 4 liters of water per bag

All of these bag mixes have mixing instructions on the back of the bags.

Is fast-setting concrete weaker than normal concrete?

The answer to that question is no, all of these bag mixes are designed to reach 4000 psi after 28 days.

If you add more mixing water than the bags suggest, you can weaken the concrete. But just because it’s built up faster doesn’t mean it’s a weaker mix.

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