Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep the Heat Coming

Amazing! Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep the Heat Coming

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Maintenance tips for gas stoves

Even if the winters in Southern California aren’t exactly arctic-cold, that doesn’t mean you want your gas stove to go out. The best way to avoid potential problems on those chilly evenings is to maintain your oven regularly. If you keep your oven clean and in good condition, it will always be ready for unexpected cold fronts.

We recommend an annual furnace inspection so that your gas stove works when it is needed. For the rest of the winter, follow these seven oven maintenance tips to maintain the heat:

  1. Work in safe conditions

Before doing anything, make sure you are working safely. Gas can be dangerous if you don’t handle it properly. Before starting any serious oven maintenance, make sure to turn everything off. If you’re not 100% sure what to turn off to get the job done, flip the main switch to check your safety during maintenance.

Finally, if you smell gas, don’t try to turn anything off or on – get off the premises immediately instead. Have a professional purge the gas and fix the leak before further work.

A Los Angeles homeowner simply swaps their oven filter
  1. How to check your oven filter

The filter on a gas stove prevents dirt from entering the device and building up. Accumulations can lead to malfunctions or even a fire. A filter also keeps the warm air blown into your home clean. Check your filter at least once every second month. This applies both to the summer and to the operation of your air conditioning system.

Your filter is simply a cardboard rectangle with a mesh cover. It easily slides in and out of its designated slot, usually on the bottom of your oven. You can find most replacement filters at your local hardware store or hardware store.

  1. Test your thermostat

If the temperature setting on your thermostat does not match the actual temperature, you may have one of two problems with the oven:

  • The thermostat itself no longer works.
  • There is a separation between the wall unit and the oven.

Either way, you should repair or upgrade your thermostat if this happens frequently. A new, programmable one energy efficient thermostat is not expensive and usually pays for itself through energy cost savings.

  1. Clean the fan

When checking the filtration system, also check the blower. The fan is farther in and you should be able to see it when you change the air filter. It’s a circular inlet with a wheel-like fan.

Wipe the fan with a damp cloth every time you change the filter. Cleaning the fan prevents dust or dirt that may have passed through the filter from entering the oven.

Cleaning the external vents is part of the furnace's annual maintenance.
  1. Check and clean your ventilation slots regularly

All gas stoves have a ventilation system that prevents unsafe heat build-up. As with anything that never moves, dust collects both on and in the oven ventilation systems. Clean them with a scrubbing brush, vacuum cleaner, and damp cloth to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Examine your smoke tube for cracks or holes that could allow dangerous carbon monoxide to leak out.

  1. Check the fan

It is best to leave this maintenance to a professional. It is not as easy to get to the fan in the oven as it is to everything else. It is recommended that the oven be serviced before winter to keep pace with part changes and cleaning requirements. Don’t let small problems become big ones.

  1. Clean your air ducts

Suck them out or have a professional do it. Dust, pet hair, and debris that build up in your ducts will eventually be blown all over your home. Clean ducts work better and mean cleaner air.

Annual furnace maintenance in Los Angeles

Cleaning your oven is the easiest way to extend its life and keep it from failing. Hopefully this oven maintenance checklist will help you get started.

Not everyone is up to this level of home improvement expectation. If you’d like a certified technician to do your gas oven cleaning, Mike Diamond’s trained professionals are ready to help.

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