Grilles or No Grilles? A Guide to Window Grilles

Amazing! Grilles or No Grilles? A Guide to Window Grilles

Information about Grilles or No Grilles? A Guide to Window Grilles

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Lattices are an important element of window design. They can add an authentic touch to the exterior of your home, combining different elements. If you’re planning on getting new windows, read on as Hinkle Roofing takes a look at what kind of trellises you should get — or none at all.

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What are window bars?

Lattices, also called grilles or mullions, are strips of material that divide the window glass into smaller sections. Originally, lattices served as a load-bearing component. During the Renaissance, glass-making methods were limited to making small pieces, and trellises were used to hold multiple pieces together to form the main area of ​​a window or patio door. Today’s glass manufacturing technologies may have rendered the original purpose obsolete, but grilles remain a key design element for many window styles.

Factors to consider

There is a wide variety of window grille styles that can be overwhelming if you don’t already have a specific look in mind. Below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing grids or not altogether.

  • Architectural style. Some architectural styles just don’t look right without the matching grille style. Most people are familiar with the symmetrical lattices of Colonial-style windows, but there is also the nine-panel Prairie style, in which the middle panel is framed by nine smaller ones. There is also the diamond trellis style which is central to Tudor style homes. In contrast, homes with modern architectural styles are more likely to have windows without bars.
  • views. If you want to capture a view with your windows, you probably don’t want trellises on your windows, or at least a trellis style that doesn’t block the view. The Prairie-style grille mentioned above is one such example: it adds a special touch to the window while leaving the central area free for viewing.
  • Maintenance. Windows with traditional grilles have many nooks and crannies that can be difficult to clean. Modern replacement windows typically have removable grilles that facilitate easy cleaning. They may not be as authentic as traditional ones, but consider how they can save you a lot of trouble keeping your windows clean.

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