Horizontal vs. Vertical: Comparing Two Siding Orientations

Amazing! Horizontal vs. Vertical: Comparing Two Siding Orientations

Information about Horizontal vs. Vertical: Comparing Two Siding Orientations

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Your choice of new cladding for your home depends on several variables. This includes color, texture and material type. However, these are not the only things to consider. It’s also worth keeping an eye on siding orientation. While horizontal trims are always a safe bet, some exterior designs can be enhanced with a vertical line.

Siding Alignments

To help you decide, Hinkle Roofing offers a quick comparison between the two:

Horizontal siding

Horizontal siding creates a timeless look that can be found in almost every home across the country. Whether the style of your home is traditional or contemporary, horizontal paneling easily complements many design profiles. It is more cost effective to install between the two options, making it an ideal choice if you are replacing your siding on a budget. It’s also durable enough to protect your home from most weather conditions.

Vertical siding

Although this siding is not as common as its horizontal counterpart, almost any type of siding can be installed vertically. While some homes have vertical siding, they are more commonly used in commercial structures. If you want a unique appearance that will help your home stand out a little more in your neighborhood, then a vertical facade is worth considering. Of course, opting for a vertical orientation can be more complicated to install, meaning it can incur more labor costs.

Which one is better for your home?

To decide which page orientation to choose for your home, you need to consider a few factors. For example, maintenance can be easy for both fairing orientations, but costs can vary depending on the type of materials used. Vertical panels are easier to clean because the water runs down the lines. Durability is the same for both sidings.

If you’re not sure what to choose, you can always design your outsides with both page orientations. You can have traditional horizontal siding on the ground floor while having vertical siding on the upper floors. Having them in complementary colors will also help them stand out.

Hinkle Roofing’s certified team members can install, repair or replace your facade. We have material options to choose from including vinyl, fiber cement and cedar. Call us at (205) 324-8545 or fill out our online form to request an estimate.

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