House Beautiful, Acme Brick and Others Unveil the 2021 Whole Home in Fredericksburg, Texas

Amazing! House Beautiful, Acme Brick and Others Unveil the 2021 Whole Home in Fredericksburg, Texas

Information about House Beautiful, Acme Brick and Others Unveil the 2021 Whole Home in Fredericksburg, Texas

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Do you love a good challenge? Try to build not just a house, but a “dream home” – from the ground up – amid the most devastating pandemic in a century and get the job done in just four months.

Would there be product and transit delays, weekly shifts in material costs and a constant shortage of skilled workers? As the German settlers of Fredericksburg, Texas, where this charming home is located, would say:

Yes of course (yes, of course)!

But with the help of many partners, including Acme stone, exactly House beautiful magazine Did!

As a magazine writer commented, “The rolling hills of Fredericksburg, Texas – a burgeoning design and culinary destination known for bustling shops, boutique hotels, and a growing wine region – make the perfect American backdrop when House Beautiful is Celebrates 125 years of existence. ”

The result is simply breathtaking.

Would you like to take a virtual tour of this year’s “Whole Home”? Click here.

Fredericksburg, Texas – The perfect place

Regarding the unique times we live in, a spokesperson for the magazine said, “Like so many families who file building permits and deal with skyrocketing material prices, this year we’ve been keeping an eye on reality: peaceful has never been more important to have a productive and relaxing haven to call ‘home’. “

Texas Hill Country, one of the fastest growing areas mentioned in the 2020 census, turned out to be the perfect location for this year’s Whole Home. The House Beautiful spokesperson said, “There are myriad factors that go into determining a market for this program each year. House Beautiful looks for locations where design is an established – or growing – industry, where general population growth and residential values ​​are on an upward trend. We also keep a close eye on where our customers and industry friends are headquartered and where they may be moving.

“The location fit in seamlessly with House Beautiful – while our brand celebrated its 125th anniversary, Fredericksburg celebrated its 175th anniversary. And with its unique location outside of the fast-growing areas of Austin and San Antonio, it is a destination that receives and will continue to receive national attention. “

So the planners made their way to Fredericksburg, Texas, a German settlement with 175-year historical roots in the heart of Hill Country. They found a 750 acre agrihood community called Hidden Springs and teamed up with Tyler O’Brien of Agave Custom Homes, who wanted to prove that building a dream home is possible in a pandemic.

According to the magazine, “O’Brien’s plan was to build a single-story, artisan-inspired farmhouse with two separate wings and an expansive outdoor area. The design is supposed to be connected to the landscape in which the cattle roam freely in a 30 hectare nature reserve. It has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms (some outdoors!), Three fireplaces and a spacious party terrace. “

House beautiful whole house floor plan

Photo of House beautiful

Inspiration for home design

The House Beautiful team that led the Whole Home project initially stated that they “understood that design is as much about humanity as it is about vanity”.

Accordingly, there were eight of them Next wave Design alumni from around the country to help define and refine today’s ideal home.

“Each designer brought a specific point of view to their assigned space,” said a spokesman for the magazine. “From a sunrise-inspired living room that sets an uplifting tone for the whole house, to a cozy kitchen for long, lingering conversations, to a huge party terrace that is fully equipped to go from candlelight to cornhole, every inch has a purpose. In a year in which our homes had to be offices, classrooms and still (somehow) personal havens, this is made to encourage work, play and the push of break. “

Acme Brick – Right at home

With a story that goes beyond 130 years, Acme Brick is at home both at the House Beautiful 2021 celebration and in the old-world look and feel of Fredericksburg. The company’s participation in this year’s Build was an opportunity to show how its product mix has evolved.

“We’re excited to be part of this year’s Whole Home, especially as it is being built in our home state of Texas,” said Britt Stokes of Acme Brick. “It enables us to celebrate our proud history of brick making and showcase some of our innovative, sustainable home improvement products.”

The wow factor

Every year the Whole Home designers and builders try to outperform their predecessors. This year is no exception. The “wow” factor of the Fredericksburg Residence is evident from the moment a visitor walks in.

“This house was built with an entertainer / host in mind,” remarked the House Beautiful spokesman. “The floor plan, which spans two separate buildings connected by a passageway, gives you privacy when you need it and common space for family and friends to gather together. The oversized property and hilly view of the Hill Country are a big selling point and are noticed from the moment you walk through the front door. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Acme Brick contributed several state-of-the-art products to the Whole Home. Stokes notes, “The large doors that open into the beautifully manicured Texas Hill Country courtyard are made by Exclusive iron door, and they ensure a seamless transition from the inside to the outside.

Exclusive iron door

“This beautiful hardwood floor that visitors to the Whole Home will see is Positano Cascina and it’s one of the most luxurious floor coverings we offer to builders and homeowners.

Parquet floor

“In the amazing outside the entertainment area, one of our most popular grills – the Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS) grill combines comprehensive technology with simple operation and is therefore state-of-the-art in the art of grilling.

RCS grill

“Finally there is the thin brick in the interior and the full bed deep brick in the outdoor kitchen Mosstown brick from our friends in Cherokee. “

thinBRIK in a home kitchen

For all of its beautiful, clean lines, hill country views, and “must-have” features, this year’s Whole Home has the foundation sustainability and energy saving. This is closely related to the products manufactured and sold by Acme Brick. For millennia, brick has proven to be the most sustainable building material and, combined with its rich beauty, is an important part of the whole home.

If you need a little inspiration on remodeling your existing home or building your own dream home, head over to Beautiful Whole Home here.

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