How Connected Data is Transforming Heavy Highway…

Amazing! How Connected Data is Transforming Heavy Highway…

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Construction workers using virtual reality technology
Technologies like virtual reality use real-time data to transform the way contractors work.

As the data revolution continues, implementing more advanced data-driven processes on the job site holds promise. Cloud technologies in construction are improving and growing by leaps and bounds. Here are some trends to watch out for:

Predictive Analysis — As mentioned above, contractors use data to visualize future work and the “what if” questions. Spot trends like profit shrinkage, like the device example above, before they happen, or identify specific productivity trends and apply them to future projects to set better schedules and better assess the profitability of future work.

AI/Machine Learning — Imagine automatic equipment that can be programmed (or even triggered based on project data and schedules) to deploy and pave a stretch of road, knowing the exact boundaries, without compromising the safety and well-being of a human operator .

Drones/Robotics — The already popular drone technology is increasingly being used to collect data from construction sites, such as B. 3D images of work progress, detection of potential safety issues and more. Meanwhile, advanced data is powering robotic technologies that can build or assemble significant pieces of construction equipment faster and more safely than can be done by human hands.

Virtual reality — Portable devices such as Trimble’s HoloLens that can be used to visualize an entire construction site with plans and specifications digitally overlaid on real spaces. Let the teams see with their own eyes where a beam should be placed or where sockets should be installed – while building around them. Or imagine entire site plans before construction even begins.

As technologies continue to advance, there are more opportunities to use data to scale innovation. That means more productive, less expensive and more profitable projects. To learn more about how your business can benefit from being more data-driven, Connect to Trimble Viewpoint today!

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