How Do I Know if My Plumbing is Bad? – San Mateo Plumber

Amazing! How Do I Know if My Plumbing is Bad? – San Mateo Plumber

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A functioning sanitary system is of crucial importance for the living comfort in your home. However, you cannot just ignore it. Plumbing requires at least annual appointments from a professional, but sometimes you can mitigate plumbing problems by staying vigilant. By keeping an eye out for these tell-tale signs, you can determine if your plumbing is bad and get the proper maintenance you need before it becomes a serious or catastrophic problem.

Slow emptying in devices

A sink or shower that drains slowly is an obvious sign that you have a plumbing problem. Typically this is the result of buildup of hair, food, or soap scum in the area under the drain or pipe.

In most cases, you can fix the constipation yourself. Simply remove the drain cover in your bath or shower and pull your hair out. In a kitchen sink, dispose of the food from the pipes or do your garbage disposal. If none of these procedures resolve the problem, you may need to call us to bridge the line.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is a common problem in older homes, especially in homes that don’t have wider ones. have been retrofitted PVC pipes. However, a temporary lack of water pressure is not always a problem as it can be a problem with the water pipe.

If you have low water pressure all the time, this is a sign of a bigger problem. Your pipes may have multiple leaks or blockages that can significantly reduce water pressure. Over time, this can lead to increased leakage or clogging, which can cause your drains to back up. So don’t neglect this topic.

Our San Mateo plumbers use leak detection cameras and other methods to inspect the plumbing in your home. Detecting potential problems early on can help you fix them quickly and cost less in the long run.

Dirty water

Discoloration of your water is another problem that homeowners often face. Sometimes this is recognized by the local water company as a system-wide problem that often leads to cook-off orders.

If a cooking order hasn’t been placed for your neighborhood or city, this could be an issue with your pipes. Brownish water is often the result of iron seeping into the tap from older pipes or a problem with your water heater. If you notice blue or green water, corrosion could be the cause. In any case, you have to call us to make sure.

Loud whistles

A properly functioning plumbing system should not make any noise other than the sound of water flowing through the pipes when the water is turned on. If you notice rattling, whining, or other suspicious noises, you could be in greater trouble.

If your pipes are making noise, it is usually a surefire signal that you have a leak or that your ventilation system is not working properly. Both problems are not easily fixed by a novice. So please contact us as your local plumber so we can identify and isolate the problem.

Even if you’re not a craft or DIY enthusiast, you can protect your home and investment simply by checking for symptoms of poor plumbing. Don’t hesitate to call our experienced local plumbers as soon as you discover any problems. It can mean the difference between a small problem that can be fixed quickly and a massive plumbing problem.

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