How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

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If you think your Kettle is getting on in years or is interested in a possible replacement, then you’re in luck! Mr. Plumber is here to help you figure out how long heaters last and to answer other questions.

The service life of heaters with and without a tank


The duration of your fueled Kettle depends on the manufacturer of the system. The expiry date may vary by a few years depending on the brand of your device. The utilization of your system will also be affected if you can get more years out of the system or are forced to replace it prematurely.


In contrast to tank systems water heater tend to have a much longer lifespan and a less frequent work rate. Unlike tank heaters, tankless heaters are used when heated water is requested. If a tankless system is cared for and properly maintained, it can last 20 years.

Red flags for system replacement

Insufficient hot water supply

This red flag is obvious. If your water heater is producing no or insufficient hot water, it’s time to think about a solution substitute. This problem can sometimes be fixed by adjusting your thermostat or getting replacement internal parts. However, when your system reaches retirement age, some parts will not be available Repair of water heaters. It may be faster and cheaper to replace the device.

The device makes unusual noises

If you hear an unusual rumbling noise in your house, first make sure you’ve eaten a nutritious meal. If you keep hearing the same noise over and over again, then your water heater is struggling. Debris can build up in your device and cause it to hit the walls of the tank. This is a sign of an aging system that needs to be retired.

Heating is leaking

A leak from your heater can occur when the metal in your tank has expanded over time. The hot water inside the tank can force changes in its shape. This expansion can cause cracks that lead to leaks from your water heater. These leaks can cause damage to your home that you will need to repair in addition to a replacement unit.

Constant need for repairs

We’re all for showing your water heater some appreciation by getting it routine examinations and ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, numerous repairs within a calendar year are a dead giveaway that your system may be on its way out. It’s often cheaper to simply replace the device than to perform a ridiculous number of annual repairs.

Rusty water

The last time we checked that the water you are trying to use is clear and not discolored. So if the water running out of your facet isn’t translucent, you might want to step back and analyze the situation. Corrosion can cause rust to form inside your system. This rust can get into your water supply and affect the color. If the water continues to look rusty despite emptying the tank, it’s time for a replacement.

How to make your water heater durable

flush tank

Scale can collect at the bottom of your tank, which is what makes flushing your tank so important. This can clean the tank of potentially harmful sediment and ensure a clean water supply. This process must be done at least once a year, but it can also be done every month.

Check the anode rod

The anode rod helps prevent rust inside your water heater. This makes this component one of the most important members of your systems team. Without the performance of the anode rod, your device will be destroyed by corrosion and rust. This ultimately leads to its descent and your premature need for a replacement device. So you want to routinely test your anode bar to make sure it’s working properly.

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