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Amazing! How Mike Diamond Clears a Sewer Line

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When tree roots or other foreign objects get into your drain line, the resulting back-up can be a major (and smelly) inconvenience. A clog in your sewer line could bring your entire plumbing system to an uncomfortable standstill. In order to get the water flowing, you need to get into the sewers and clear the obstacle.

Enter the auto-rooter.

A rooting machine is a plumbing tool designed to remove tree roots in sewer lines along with other clogs. A Mike Diamond Certified Professional can use an auto-rooter to unclog your sewer line in no time. How does it work? This is how our rooting process looks step by step:

How to remove roots from your sewer line

The original roto-rooter machine was invented by Iowan, Samuel Blanc, in the 1930’s. He realized how costly and time-consuming it was to keep digging up sewers when roots got tangled in them. Since then, rooter machines have come a long way. Today’s machines can chew through roots quickly and easily without damaging your pipes.

Infographic of cleaning a sewer line

To clean your sewer line, your technician will follow the steps below:

  1. Places a large drain cleaning machine at the entrance of your sewer.
  2. Insert the end of the rooter into the section of sewer that connects your house to the city main.
  3. Push the rooter through the pipe to uncover obstacles.
  4. Activates the spinning saw blade to cut through root masses or clogs.
  5. Continued down the length of the tube to ensure your line is clear.
  6. Reaches the end of the pipe where your home’s plumbing is connected.

Make sure your Los Angeles sewer line is cleaned regularly.

There is no substitute for regular sewer line maintenance by a technician certified to remove roots from your sewer line. This ensures that your sewerage system will function perfectly for years to come.

How did I get roots in my sewer line?

Roots naturally seek moisture in underground pipes. Tiny root tendrils enter the pipes through small cracks or along joints. As the roots grow, they expand, creating more disruptions for more roots to enter. After a while, the entire pipe can be overgrown by roots.

If you have multiple trees near your sewers, the damage can happen faster. A good rule of thumb is to have your line cleaned annually with a channel finder. Also, with a video inspection camera, your technician can see the condition of your pipes without having to dig them up.

Expert sewer cleaning in Los Angeles and Orange County

The cost of removing roots from a sewer line is much less than the cost of replacing your entire sewer line. Invest in your plumbing with regular root cleaning. Whether sewer cleaning or repair, drain cleaningor any other plumbing help that smell good plumbers the service you want to call. No matter the size of the problem, Mike Diamond’s experts are ready to help.

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