How Self-Leveling Concrete Works

Amazing! How Self-Leveling Concrete Works

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As you can see from our name, our Concrete Uprising team knows everything there is to know about concrete and how to work with it. A major concern in all concrete repair and installation projects is ensuring that the concrete is properly flat, which can be a real challenge. To ensure your structure is set up for success, our team may use self-leveling concrete. In this article we will Read more about how self-leveling concrete works so that you have a better idea of ​​how it will benefit your project.

This is how self-leveling concrete works

  • Composition- We’ll start by explaining what self-leveling concrete is made of and how it differs from the standard grade. Standard concrete consists of a mixture of Portland cement, water and aggregates (gravel). Self-leveling concrete starts with the same base mix but is then modified with polymers that make it more viscous or easier to pour.
  • Use- Unlike regular concrete, which is very thick and needs to be spread over the surfaces with trowels and other tools, self-leveling concrete is much more viscous, with a thickness that can be compared to that of pancake batter. That said, it can simply be poured over the area and will spread on its own, flow over the area and run into every corner without much additional work to get it there. Self-leveling concrete is versatile, but most commonly used to smooth and level existing floors so that a new layer of soil can be laid on top.

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