How To Compare and Evaluate Roof Estimates Properly

Amazing! How To Compare and Evaluate Roof Estimates Properly

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Any roof repair or replacement project requires finding the right roofer. You must shortlist prospects and analyze all of their qualifications, credentials, and certifications before making your decision. Part of the process is getting estimates, of course, but how exactly do you determine which one is best for your needs?

Roof Estimates Correct

Check out these four pointers to comparing and evaluating roof estimates to help you decide which roofer to choose:

1. Examine the material breakdown

Each roofing estimate includes a summary of the materials and components used to complete your project. Pay careful attention to all the sealants, flashings, backing materials, and nails on the list. The estimate should include accurate parameters, from brand name to quantity, to determine whether your project will use high quality products or not.

2. Check labor costs

Many homeowners starting a home repair project want to save money while getting the best work from their contractors. Choosing a roofer based solely on price can result in subpar materials and installation. When comparing estimates, look at labor costs and see if they’re justified. To be on the safe side, find out whether the roofer is licensed and insured.

3. Check the warranty

A new roof often comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Coverage may vary based on manufacturer certification and contractor brand affiliation. Some warranties are 25 years while others cover up to 50 years. Ask if the contractor will guarantee the installation. If they do, it is a sign that they are as confident in the quality of the installation as they are in the products they are using.

4. Note additional costs

These cover the costs of cleaning and waste disposal. Make sure these additional costs are included in the estimate and in the final contract you sign.

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