How to Increase Your Roof’s Energy Efficiency

Amazing! How to Increase Your Roof’s Energy Efficiency

Information about How to Increase Your Roof’s Energy Efficiency

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The roof is a major source of wasted energy for both residential and commercial real estate in Texas. Energy loss occurs when the sun’s heat penetrates through the roof and enters the house or building and when air from the inside escapes through the roof. In both cases, you pay more for heating and cooling costs.

Advantages of increased roof energy efficiency

Increased energy efficiency offers several advantages. Savings in operating costs provide the best improvement in energy efficiency. Since 50% of total energy consumption is used for heating and cooling, you will save money in finding ways to increase energy efficiency.

Savings in operating costs
Improved temperature comfort
Avoid heat damage to the roof
Positive effects on the environment

Opportunities to increase energy efficiency through the roof

Fortunately, you can invest in improvements to your roof to have a positive impact on energy efficiency. Before making any changes, schedule a roof inspection to determine the current condition of the roof. Old or damaged roofs are less energy efficient. Before implementing energy efficient strategies for your roof, make the necessary repairs.

1 – Cool roofs

Did you know that your roof can reach temperatures of around 150 degrees in summer? This is hot! However, cooling roof strategies can lower the temperature of your roof by up to 50 degrees. Cool roofing materials include reflective paint, reflective roof tiles and shingles, or a roofing sheet covering. Reflective paint usually works on most types of roofing materials, making it an effective and inexpensive option for existing roofs.

2 – New roof with energy-efficient materials

If your roof needs to be replaced, consider using ENERGY STAR® or other energy efficient materials. Metal and tile roofs are more energy efficient than traditional asphalt roof shingles. In addition, both options create an additional style for your property. According to the EPA, ENERGY STAR qualified rooftop products can reduce the need for your air conditioning system by 10 to 15%. At Rebuild Texas, we offer a variety of roofing materials from top suppliers.

3 – Install insulation

One benefit of a roof inspection is to identify potential problems with your roof. Poor insulation not only wastes energy, it can also damage the roof. Options for improved insulation include both interior loft insulation and exterior foam roof panels. Work with your roofer to determine the best type of insulation for your roof. When choosing the best insulation solution, the slope, climate and roof material play a role. Also, many of the other energy efficient strategies depend on the right insulation for the best results.

4 – Green roofs

Green roofs are a new trend in roof energy efficiency. Green roofs are best for commercial properties, including apartment buildings. A green roof simply adds vegetation to your roof to absorb and reflect the sun’s heat while providing additional insulation. Add a rooftop garden where multi-family residents can hang out and build a community. Green roofs not only offer energy efficiency, but also help the environment with air purification advantages.

Save money with increased roof energy efficiency

At Rebuild Texas, we understand roofs. We invest in providing the best roof solutions for our customers. This also includes increased energy efficiency. We want to help you save money and keep your roof looking and working its best.

Contact us today for a free estimate or to discuss the best energy efficient roof solutions for your property.

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