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Phil Puccio

DIY how to mix concrete at home

I will teach you my method of mixing concrete: to get the right strength, texture and strength.

Tools you will need to mix concrete

Warning: Always wear protective gloves safety goggles, and a dust mask when working with concrete.

Materials for mixing concrete

  1. Concrete bag mix
  2. water
  3. Portland cement – sand – gravel – optional if you are mixing concrete from scratch.

Video: shows you how to mix concrete by hand with quikrete

Concrete Floors from owner Mike Day of Day will show you how to properly mix concrete to mend a broken section of the pool deck.

Step by step: mix the concrete

Step 1. Set up your mixing area

When you mix multiple bags of concrete it will be a lot easier and faster once you have your mixing area organized.

If you only mix a bag or two (like in the video) all you need is your bags of concrete, wheelbarrow, water, hoe.

For larger projects, it’s important to get all your pockets in order and have plenty of water on hand. If 2 people mix the concrete and one spreads it and smooths it, the work goes much faster.

How to mix concrete

Step 2. Measure the correct amount of water

I like to measure the required amount of water per bag in advance and put it in the wheelbarrow first.

I feel like the water is added first and then the dry concrete ingredients are added which makes the mixing process easier and faster.

how much mixing water to mix concrete

The water table below shows you how much water to use per bag.

There are a number of waters you can add to mix with, depending on the bag size.

For an 80 pound bag of quikrete, you can use 6 pints to 9 pints (3 – 4.5 quarts) of water to mix each bag.

I like to put the minimum amount in the wheelbarrow first and then add more water to the maximum when I feel it is necessary to get a well workable mixture.

If you use more water than the maximum recommended amount, your concrete mix will not be as strong as stated on the bag.

Mixing water for quikrete

Step 3.Pour the bag mixture into your wheelbarrow (tub, bucket, or mixer)

how to mix quikrete

Pour about 1/2 to 2/3 of the bag mixture into the wheelbarrow. Mix this amount with the water until all the dry ingredients are saturated.

Add the rest of the bag and keep mixing. Use the same technique when mixing in a bucket or tub.

If you’re mixing in an electric concrete mixer machine, you can add the entire bag at one time.

how to mix concrete sacksMix one-half to two-thirds of the bag first, then add the rest

Step 4. Mix the concrete to a workable consistency

Add the rest of the bag and keep mixing the concrete. Rock the hoe back and forth and mix the dry concrete mix completely with the water.

how to mix concrete by handToo dry – add more water and keep mixing

Add more water (up to the maximum amount) until you get the consistency you want.

Your concrete mix should look similar to the concrete below when mixed properly.

It took me about 3 minutes to measure and add the water, then I mixed the 1 bag of concrete with this texture.

Be careful not to get the mixture too wet or it will crack and not be as strong.

If you feel that the concrete mix is ​​too runny (wet) just add a little more concrete mix from another bag until you feel like it looks like the picture below.

PRO TIP: Always have an extra bag of concrete ready in case your project requires more concrete than you expected.

how to mix concrete in a wheelbarrowThis is what a workable consistency looks like

Step 5. Place the mixed concrete where you need it

A good thing about mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow is that you can roll the concrete exactly where you need it.

Pour or shovel the concrete out of the wheelbarrow like I do on this job.

how to mix concrete

One way to tell if you’ve mixed the concrete properly is to use a magnetic float to move the concrete in place and slide it smoothly back and forth a few times.

how to mix concrete by hand

Step 6. Clean your tools from the concrete ASAP

Clean the wheelbarrow, pick and shovel with water as soon as you are done. The concrete mix will dry very quickly on it.

PRO TIP: When the concrete mix dries on your tools, use a Edge trowel scrape off first, then rinse and scrub with water.

If you have a water hose and a Brush with hard bristles nearby, rinse off most of the concrete first, scrub off the remaining cement paste and rinse clean.

Do this in an area where you don’t have to clean the washed off concrete afterwards. Never wash concrete off your driveway or garage floor as it could become permanently discolored.

how to mix concrete in a bucket

how to mix concrete with a drill

If I Mix concrete in a bucket, I would like to have such an oversized bucket 18 gallon bucket in the picture. (best to buy this from Amazon)

I also like to use a mixer drill to mix my concrete sacks. A Mixing drill like that one makes the mixing process very quick and is really the only way to mix concrete with a bucket.

The mixing process is the same as above: first add your water, add 1/2 bag and mix, add the rest of the bag and mix, water up to the max.

how to mix concrete in a mixer

If you have an electric Concrete mixer machine it speeds up the mixing process as you can mix 2 – 3 bags of concrete at the same time. (depending on the size of your mixer)

How to mix concrete in a mixer

The mixing process works like this:

  1. Pre-measure your water and put it in the mixer first.
  2. Turn on the mixer before adding the first bag of concrete
  3. Add the first sachet and let it mix for a minute (2 minutes if you are only mixing one sachet)
  4. Add the second sachet and continue mixing for 2-3 minutes
  5. If the mixture looks too dry, add some water while mixing (only add up to the maximum amount of water)
how to mix concrete in an electric mixer

When the concrete looks mixed to the right consistency, tip it out of the mixer and into a wheelbarrow.

Can be bought really well portable electric concrete mixer machine on Amazon for $ 200 to $ 300.

What’s the relationship with mixing concrete?

How do you mix your own concrete?

If you are using portland cement, sand and gravel To make your own concrete, you can use the 1-2-3 mix ratio.

This concrete mix ratio is achieved by mixing 1 shovel of cement with 2 shovels of sand and 3 shovels of gravel. (or some other accurate way to measure your ingredients)

Put the dry ingredients in a wheelbarrow or electric mixer before you start adding water.

As you add more dry matter to the mix, keep the 1: 2: 3 ratio of cement to sand to gravel the same for consistency and strength.

The amount of water you add to the mixture will depend on how the mixture feels when you mix it. Use the wheelbarrow method outlined above to gauge what the final mix should look like.

More examples of correct concrete mix ratios Check out my concrete mix ratios for mixing concrete from cement, sand, gravel, and water.

Learn how many bags of concrete it takes to build one cubic meter.

What is the best type of concrete mix for:

1. The best concrete mix for a driveway is:

2. Best concrete mix for concrete countertops

3. Best concrete mix for fence posts

4. Best concrete mix for a patio

5. Best concrete mix for sidewalks

6. Best concrete mix for foundations

7. Best concrete mix for slabs

Quikrete 5000 or Quikrete Crack Resistant Mixture

Quikrete 5000 (add 2 cups of cement)

Quikrete Regular or Fast Setting Mix

Quikrete Crack Resistant Mixture

Quikrete Crack Resistant Mixture

Quikrete Regular Mix

Quikrete 5000, crack resistant or normal

This list is Just my opinion based on my experience with Quikrete concrete mixes for my work.

Sometimes I mix 1/2 a bag of Quikrete 5000 with one of the other bag mixes because it contains a higher percentage of cement. This makes the overall mix a little easier to finish.

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