How To Pour And Finish A Concrete Patio Slab (My Pro Tips)

Amazing! How To Pour And Finish A Concrete Patio Slab (My Pro Tips)

Information about How To Pour And Finish A Concrete Patio Slab (My Pro Tips)

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The steps required to build, pour, and finish a concrete patio slab are:

  1. Prepare the lower level
  2. Install formwork and reinforcement
  3. Pour and level concrete
  4. Finish the concrete
  5. Seal concrete

Prepare the substrate for concrete

The surface under your concrete terrace should be either gravel, road surface, sand, or crushed stone.

You should remove grass, grass, clay, or dirt. How much you remove and replace with gravel depends on where you live and how many freeze / thaw days you have during the winter months.

If you live where you have a few too many days of frost, more gravel under your concrete patio is recommended. A good base would have 12 “to 24” of compacted gravel under the concrete.

If you live where you don’t have many freezing temperatures, 4 “to 12” gravel under the subfloor would be enough.

If you have wet conditions, then more gravel and drainage is recommended in this case.

To prevent frost from getting under the terrace, you can install 2 “Styrofoam under the plate. This insulates the underlay and protects it from freezing.

Install the forms and reinforcement

The thickness of your patio slab determines what material you use. Most likely, your patio slab will be 4 “thick. This is quite common with a patio slab.

If so, you can use either 2×4 or 2×6 to shape your concrete terrace. The size and shape of your patio is determined by you and your space or area that you need to install the patio.

Setting up forms is pretty easy. You can find more information on molding that will help you here.

You can use wire mesh or rebar for reinforcement. Both are good and will help reinforce the concrete if it ends up cracking.

how to pour and level the concrete

Pouring the concrete for your patio slab and leveling it is something you may want to hire a professional to do.

If your patio slab isn’t very large, maybe you can do it yourself.

Watch us as we pour this 50 ‘x 10’ concrete patio and see if you want to try it out or not.

To learn how to pour and finish concrete like we do in the video above, visit my training academy The concrete base.

In The Concrete Underground, I have many of my best training videos to teach you how to pour and finish concrete just like us.

how to sink and seal the concrete

Knowing how and when to start the finishing process is one of the hardest things to learn about concrete finishing.

In the video below, I’ll show you how we start with the finishing and apply a broom finish to the concrete.

The finishing touch is always determined by how quickly or slowly the concrete builds up. In the video below, I’ll show you the best time to start graduation for the best results.

I used a penetrating sealing for sealing the concrete in the video. This type of seal does not leave a slippery film on the surface, but seals and protects your concrete.

It is best applied with some sort of sprayer. We are using a power sprayer in the video, but you can use a simple garden Pump style sprayer if you want.

Tools you will need to build a concrete patio slab

I made a list of all of the tools you will need to build your concrete patio slab.

You can get most of these at your local hardware store, or even simpler, you can order them direct from Amazon.

Concrete tool list for the construction of a terrace slab.


I created this page to help you decide whether or not to water your own concrete patio.

If you are a bit practical and enjoy building and doing things yourself, maybe you can tackle this yourself after watching my videos.

If the size of your patio slab isn’t too big, maybe you can do it yourself using the information I’ve given you on this page.

If you have any doubts or questions, look to a professional like me. We do this type of work every day.

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