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Year after year, Texas brings with it an array of weather conditions that can affect the structure and integrity of a home’s roof system. As the outermost layer of protection, roof shingles can withstand adverse weather conditions and as a result may need to be repaired.

If neglected, damaged shingles can lead to a variety of other problems such as: B. Leaks and water damage. Regular visual assessment can alert you to the need for a roof repair, and fortunately many damaged roof shingles can be easily repaired.

In the event of a crack or wear, homeowners can usually access what they need for Austin area roof shingle repairs. Here we cover a few ways you can tackle this Texas roof repair yourself.

Steps to attach roof shingles

Damaged, broken roof shingles give the home an unsightly appearance and can cause leaks or attract some unwanted visitors. Repairing or replacing these roof components is essential and can help you save money later. As with any roof repair in Texas, we always advise using common sense and caution.

Before you begin, gather the following materials:

  • ladder
  • replacement shingles
  • roof tiles
  • roof nails
  • hammer
  • crowbar
  • utility knife
  • trowel
  • Small towel or rag

Once you’ve got all the supplies, you’re all set for a DIY Texas roof repair.

Step 1: Remove damaged shingles

The first and probably the most obvious step is to remove the damaged shingle. You can remove the clapboard with a crowbar. Simply slide one end of the prybar under the shingle and push down on the bar to pry the nails and shingle clear of the roof surface. As you do this, pull on the nails and remove the damaged clapboard. Clean the surface of dirt before replacing it with a new shingle.

Step 2: Replace with new clapboard

Rounding the corners of the new shingle can help make the installation smoother. You can use the utility knife and round off the back corners of the clapboard. Align with adjacent shingles and slide the new shingle under the adjacent top shingle. Slightly lift the corners of the shingles to the left and right and secure with roofing nails. Apply roofing cement to the nail heads and smooth with the trowel.

Step 3: Assess the environment

While you’re up there, it’s best to look around for other damaged spots. Look for other shingles that need repair or replacement. If the house has a chimney, check the screens around the chimney. This is thin and metallic and directs water away from the chimney. You can also flash other constructions on the roof. Also check these areas for damage. Apply roofing cement to worn or cracked areas and smooth with the spatula. If there are exposed nail heads, apply roofing cement and smooth down.

Greater Austin area shingle repair

Homeowners in Austin and the surrounding areas, such as Georgetown and Round Rock, know how strong winds and thunderstorms can devastate a home’s roof. When a component of the roof system is compromised, a quick response can yield better results and help improve a roof’s longevity.

While there are many DIY enthusiasts out there, DIY may not be for everyone. And in some cases, the extent of the damage requires help that only a professional roofer can provide.

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