How To Repair Spalling Concrete Patios & Driveways

Amazing! How To Repair Spalling Concrete Patios & Driveways

Information about How To Repair Spalling Concrete Patios & Driveways

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How to repair chipped concrete terraces and drivewaysWe repair and renew this chipped concrete patio entrance slab

The basic steps to repairing concrete chipping are:

  1. Remove the loose and damaged concrete.
  2. Clean the concrete by high pressure washing or sanding.
  3. First, patch the deep areas (1/8 “or more) with the resurfacing material and let it dry.
  4. Smooth out the patched area by sanding or using a rubbing stone.
  5. Renew the entire area with Ardex CD or Rapid Set NewCrete.
  6. Apply the broom varnish immediately after applying the concrete restorer.
How to repair and renew chipped concreteChipped and salt-damaged concrete

What causes concrete to burst?

Concrete spalling is mostly caused in areas where the concrete is exposed to freezing and thawing conditions.

This is what happens:

Water is absorbed into the concrete capillaries (pores).

When this water freezes in the concrete, it expands and causes microscopic damage (cracking) just below the concrete surface.

Eventually (and sometimes immediately) this damaged concrete begins to peel off the surface after repeated freeze and thaw cycles.

Do de-icing agents and salt cause flaking on concrete surfaces?

How to repair salt damaged concreteThis is concrete that has been damaged by the use of de-icing agents – which leads to flaking.

They can certainly cause it, and they can also make it appear sooner rather than later.

Deicing agents such as calcium chloride and salt melt frozen ice and snow at or below freezing point.

This melted snow and ice are absorbed by the concrete, the de-icer wears out and the water freezes again.

If this process is repeated over and over again in winter, the concrete is heavily stressed and the surface flakes off, flakes or becomes pitted.

Watch us as we repair and renew this salt-damaged concrete terrace

Fixing concrete spalling: step by step

How to fix chipped concrete

STEP 1. Remove all loose and damaged concrete with a hammer, chisel, electric hammer and chisel, or hand sander. I prefer a small hand sander unless I have a very large area then I’ll use a hand held sander.

how to fix chipping concreteI use a 4 “Dewalt sander to remove the chipped concrete

This is the size of the chipped area after sanding and removing all of the damaged concrete.

There was much damaged (soft) concrete beneath the surface that couldn’t be seen just by looking at it.

All of this area would have flaked off at some point if it hadn’t been repaired.

The damaged area after sanding

Again, I prefer to sand the surface lightly, but a good pressure washer will clean the concrete well.

NOTE: If you wash it under pressure, let it dry for 24 hours before reapplying.

How to fix chipped concreteI lightly sand the good surface to clean it and prepare it for the resurfacer
Vacuum the entire area to remove dirt, dust, and debris.

STEP 3. Mend any deep chipped areas before recoating the concrete. You can also use the resurfacing material as a patching material.

A deep area would be anything 1/8 of an inch deep or more.

Make sure that the repaired area is slightly higher than the surrounding concrete.

The patched areas typically dry in 30 to 45 minutes so you can proceed with the resurfacing.

How to fix chipped concreteI’ll fix the chipped area before surfacing the patio again.

If you try to renew the concrete without pinning the deep areas first, the surface renewal material will be lower than the rest of the concrete.

It’s only designed for broomworking 1/8 inch thick or a little less.

If you try to brush it from a thin area to a thicker area, the thicker area will always stay a little lower and it won’t look very good.

I use both Ardex CD and Rapid Set New Crete when I mend my specific jobs and turn up again.

Both are very good products. I’ve been using both for years and have had very good results with my resurfacing projects.

You can buy Rapid Set NewCrete online or in store through my link for Home Depot.

Ardex CD is usually supplied by a concrete goods store that sells its line of products.

STEP 4. Lightly sand the patched areas to match the surroundings.

Vacuum again to remove dust and you can come back up.

STEP 5. Mix your concrete renewal material and start spreading it over the surface of your concrete.

Mix the resurfacing material to a pancake-like consistency

Use a drill bit and a paddle to mix your concrete restorer.

The sachet contains mixing instructions and tells you how much water to add.

It also tells you how much area it will cover. I can normally re-emerge about 75 square feet per 1/8 inch thick Ardex CD or box from NewCete per bag.

If you’re only mixing a small batch, I like to mix it up like a pancake batter mix.

Some of the tools you will need to repair and renew your concrete:

You can find all of these tools right on

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon partner, if you click on my links and buy from Amazon within 24 hours, I will receive a small commission. Thank you for all the support you give me and this website!

How to renew a concrete terraceStart at one end and work your way up to the other

After you’ve mixed your material, start spreading it onto the concrete.

I like to use a steel trowel, keep it thin, remember that 1/8 inch thick is enough.

STEP 6. Once you’ve spread out a small area, apply the broom finish to it. Don’t wait too long or distribute too much material.

It dries pretty quickly, especially if it’s hot outside or you’re working in the sun.

How to renew a concrete terraceApply your broom finish as soon as possible after puttying

Work consistently without interrupting. It helps to have a second helper with the broom if possible.

How to renew the surface of a chipped concrete terraceMove from one end to the other without stopping if you can.

This is what your chipped or salt damaged concrete will look like after you’ve repaired and replaced it.

Just like a freshly poured concrete terrace.

This method can be used to repair and renew concrete driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks.

I recommend using a concrete sealer to protect your renewed concrete.

I use AR 350. the foundation armor. This is an excellent concrete sealer that is very easy to apply.

How to renew a concrete terraceThis is the concrete terrace that has all been repaired and repainted

Check out another video where I use Rapid Set NewCrete to recoat an old worn concrete patio slab.

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