How To Resurface Badly Damaged Concrete (Walks, Patios, Driveways)

Amazing! How To Resurface Badly Damaged Concrete (Walks, Patios, Driveways)

Information about How To Resurface Badly Damaged Concrete (Walks, Patios, Driveways)

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Renewing your badly damaged concrete is a great way to renew your concrete without having to demo and replace it with new concrete.

For the most part, I’ve found that repairing and resurfacing a concrete sidewalk, patio, or driveway is much cheaper than removing the old concrete and pouring new concrete again.

Renewing concrete for a sidewalk, patio, or driveway is done in the same way.

the Steps it takes to renew your concrete are:

  1. Remove loose, flaking, and broken concrete
  2. Clean and mend the deep areas about 1/2 “deep
  3. Sand and clean patched areas, apply first coat of concrete renewal and then allow to dry
  4. Lightly sand the surface, clean it and apply a top coat of concrete renewer with a light broom finish.

How to renew the surface of a concrete terrace and walkway

In the video below I show how to renew a concrete terrace and walkway that has been badly damaged by the use of road salt in winter.

The video shows you from start to finish how we repaired and renewed the concrete to make it look like new again.

The 5 basic steps to concrete renewal


First, remove any loose, crumbling, cracked and broken concrete. You can do this by lightly sanding like us or using a good pressure washer that is 3500 psi or more.

If you’re sanding like us, then you will wash the concrete lightly under pressure to remove any dust and debris from the sanding.


Patch and repair any cracks, chips, and cracked areas greater than 1/4 “or deeper in depth before resurfacing. You can use the resurfacing product on this or any other concrete paving product. Lightly sand or rub stone after setting up .


Slightly dampen the concrete (no puddles) and apply the first coat of resurfacing material. You can brush it over the surface with a trowel or squeegee.

Don’t try to be too perfect, just try to be consistent. If you have lines, you can sand them down before the second coat.


As soon as the first coat has dried, you can apply the second top coat. Lightly spray the surface with water and mix and apply the second coating like the first.

Apply your broom finish right after trowelling / squeegeeing. (Check out how to do this in the video)


Seal the new concrete with a concrete sealer to protect it! Spray or roll on two very light coats of sealer to make your new concrete surface last a long time.

You can use a clear sealer or a tinted one like I use in the picture!

Is it possible to renew a concrete driveway in this way?

Yes, you can renew a concrete driveway, porch, patio, and pool deck in the same way.

For larger areas, you will need to do this in sections so that you can brush each section as you renew the surface.

Most concrete driveways have sawn or hand-finished joints. Use these as your “sections” and do one at a time.

what can I use to renew concrete?

There are all kinds of concrete resurfacing products that you can use.

Some of my favorites are:

What is that? best concrete renewer use? Well, they are basically all the same.

They all have a special mixture of Portland cement, sand, polymer modifiers and other additives that are very flowable, shrinkage-compensating, strong and very thin.

They are all designed to provide a NEW, durable, wear-resistant surface on worn, peeling concrete. They are mainly used to renew concrete driveways, walkways, patios, porches and pool decks.

If you choose, I would choose the local for you. They all have a quick turnaround time. You can walk on anyone in a matter of hours after applying it.

does the concrete renewal last?

That will depend on a couple of things.

  1. The Current Condition of Your Concrete – If your concrete is in pretty good shape, healthy, and not all cracked, but just looking calcified, worn, and old, then chances are it will hold up if you do a few other things.
  2. Your Preparatory Work – If you clean the existing concrete really well, remove any loose and broken pieces of concrete, and properly repair the deeper areas, then your chances are good.
  3. If you apply the product as recommended and don’t pour it over, your chances are good.
  4. If you seal the surface with a concrete sealer and maintain it every year – then the chances are very good that it will last.

If you do all four of the above, your concrete renewal should take a long time.

Remember that you are sticking this product on the surface of your concrete. The better the bond, the longer it will last. If you hurry up and cut corners, it will peel or peel off over time.

For more information, see How do I fix concrete chipping.

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