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When installing a swimming pool and faced with deciding what material to choose for your pool cover, concrete is a commonly suggested and used option for many reasons. Concrete is a budget friendly, low maintenance and durable product that is ideal for pool decks. However, concrete pool decks can settle and sink over time, causing major problems around your pool.

Keep concrete pool decks level and safe

Concrete pool decks are popular options for both residential and commercial pools due to the concrete’s ability to handle a lot of foot traffic while remaining durable and long-lasting. If concrete pool decks settle, they can begin to sink, which can lead to structural and safety problems. Uneven concrete causes water to collect on the concrete surface, potentially making it slippery, and cracks or uneven surfaces can create a tripping hazard, which is particularly dangerous near a swimming pool. Fixing your problems now can help you avoid a costly replacement in the future if your problem gets worse.

If you notice uneven surfaces or cracks in your concrete pool floors due to settlement or subsidence underneath, our Concrete Uprising team can help! We use a proven method of leveling concrete settling to fix the problem, and we’re so confident in our method that we offer a two-year warranty against settlement.

Our professional team is just a phone call away! We offer an efficient service and also an after-hours service for commercial customers to avoid any disruption to your normal business hours. Contact us today when you are ready to bring your pool deck back to its intended level of safety!

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