Kentec’s Taktis fire panels protect landmark

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Award-winning Taktis fire control panels manufactured by Kentec Electronics, a leading manufacturer of vital control systems, protect students and property in the new state-of-the-art student dormitories at the University of Nicosia (UNIC) in Cyprus.

The integrated fire alarm system was installed by Kentec Installation Partner (KIP) Glosec Dragon, a Cyprus-based company that specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of security, surveillance, security and catering systems.

The UNIC student residences were designed to set a new standard in modern student housing. They consist of two separate complexes, SIX and TRIANGLE, which offer a variety of dining, relaxation and entertainment options, including a café, mini market, gym, TV rooms and play areas.

Divided into six, 12-storey striking towers, SIX comprises 307 luxurious student residences and is protected by two state-of-the-art Taktis fire alarm control panels with eight loops. TRIANGLE complements SIX with another 147 modern and spacious rooms in which a Taktis panel with six loops is installed.

The fire protection systems from SIX and TRIANGLE contain 578 Apollo heat detectors, 530 sound bases, 94 fire detectors and 339 optical detectors. Three Taktis Vision Repeaters provide information on large, full-color touchscreen graphic displays about the status of the fire alarm system at key positions in the apartments.

Taktis offers an extensible solution that includes a full suite of graphics, communications (copper and fiber), analytics and remote management tools. Multiple protocols can be supported on each panel to give installers and end users maximum choice in designing their systems, and the scalable nature of the product provides the highest level of future-proofing and networking capabilities.

A 7-inch full-color resistive touchscreen display and a clear, neat intuitive user interface make it easy to use even for those with minimal or no training, which is essential in an emergency.

According to Stathis Ierodiaconou, Managing Director of Glosec Dragon, the company has worked with Kentec for more than two decades and has built a trusting relationship:

“Through our experience with Kentec, we knew that Taktis was the right system for the size and requirements of the project. The project required remote monitoring from a control room to be possible to cover both the SIX and TRIANGLE apartments. It also had to be an expandable system that could grow with the development. “

Since Glosec Dragon has also installed and maintained a number of other CCTV, wireless access control, intercom, parking and energy saving systems, the integration was essential for Stathis: “Taktis is easy to install, integrates well with other systems and customer feedback was good .”

Anastasia Christodoulou, Manager at UNIC Residences, says that the safety of the students is of the utmost importance: “We needed complete assurance that our fire protection system would offer the greatest possible protection. We have been assured that Taktis does just that and that its advanced integrative capabilities mean a future-proof and user-friendly system. “

Costas Constantinides, Head of International Development at Kentec, says the Taktis panel with EN54-13 certification was the ideal choice for this development:

“The high-performance and sophisticated Taktis panel was chosen to ensure that the fire protection system had the reliability, scalability and flexibility required to protect a large number of students in such a prestigious development.”

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