Metal roofing in Charlotte NC and the benefits

Amazing! Metal roofing in Charlotte NC and the benefits

Information about Metal roofing in Charlotte NC and the benefits

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Benefits of Metal Roofing for Homes and Businesses in Charlotte, NC

No matter what climate you live in, metal roofs are the best option. Not only because it has become the industry standard for roofing options in Charlotte, NC, but because of its high durability, low maintenance, eco-friendly nature, and energy-saving properties. While this type of roofing is more expensive than asphalt or composite shingles, it is a much better investment for your home. With a lifespan of over 40 years, metal roofs last much longer than their counterparts. This type of canopy is available in copper and several colors of aluminum, steel and 5V.

Copper roof

Copper can be considered one of the more stylish options for metal roofing, but it retains all the advantages. Copper resists fire, hail, mold, strong winds and ice damage. It survives periods of freezing and thawing without falling or being damaged. Its attractive patina ages to a beautiful greenish-brown color. It oxidizes beautifully over time, rather than rusting, so little maintenance is required. A less considered aspect of durability is the weight of a metal roof.

Since copper has been a lightweight roofing material that has been used for centuries, its history speaks for itself and the material is making a strong comeback in designer homes, largely due to the fact that it ages beautifully. Copper does not rust, but oxidizes and forms a patina, for example the Statue of Liberty made of copper was once brown, but has turned green with age.

Steel roof

When it comes to roofing options in Charlotte, NC steel is definitely a tough contender. A steel roof is also an excellent choice for homeowners who are in the metal roofing market and want to give their home a new look. Steel’s customizability means it can mimic almost any other type of roofing material, including wood, clay, brick, slate, or shingles.

Old steel roofs are fully recyclable and can be built from recycled metals, non-metallic roofing materials usually just end up in landfills. They can be installed over existing roofs and prevent the old roof from becoming waste.

5V metal roof

5V, named for its ruffled V-shaped folds, has also proven its worth. Like other metal roof options, it’s perfect for coastal and humid environments like in and around Charlotte, NC. Strong winds, heavy rain and everything else that Mother Nature can throw at you cannot cope with this sturdy, reliable roof shape.

Is Metal Roofing Your Best Option in Charlotte NC?

Metal roofing for your Charlotte, NC home is not only good for the environment, but also good for your wallet! Money spent on durable metal roofs can be recouped from the savings on your monthly heating and cooling bills because of its reflective properties. Metal roofs reflect instead of absorbing the sun’s heat rays, especially on the long hot summer days, reducing cooling costs and still making you feel good without turning on the air conditioning. Extended roof and facade offers commercial roofing and Roofing service for residential buildings to Charlotte NC and the surrounding area.

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