New Sanicubic 1GR finds favour in Ireland

Amazing! New Sanicubic 1GR finds favour in Ireland

Information about New Sanicubic 1GR finds favour in Ireland

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A powerful black water pumping solution from Saniflo is helping provide waste management solutions for buildings across Ireland. The floor-mounted Sanicubic 1GR is a product from the Zehnder Pump range, now part of the Saniflo SFA Group. The 1GR is extremely rugged and durable and is available as a single or three phase option. It is designed to pump waste up to 39 m from residential and commercial buildings. The compact device has a capacity of 55 liters and several inputs for connecting up to four devices and is IP65-tested. A hard-wired control box is supplied as standard for early warning in the event of problems.

It is just 3 minutes from Dublin Castle Restaurant 777. As restaurants were closed to indoor diners due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the owner of the restaurant decided to convert a courtyard space to provide additional tables for outdoor socializing. A Sanicubic 1GR was used to move the waste from a new toilet block to an existing waste in the parking lot below the courtyard.

Tallaght HSE Clinic, South Dublin also chose a Sanicubic 1GR to replace an older, long-lasting Sanicubic model. A representative from Saniflo Ireland met a plumber and HSE manager on the premises of the newly renovated health center. The pump should drain from 3 x toilets, wash basins and a shower in the basement of the building, with the main drains at street level.

the Beaumont Hospital is another healthcare facility that now benefits from problem-free waste disposal thanks to the installation of the Sanicubic 1GR. Used to dispose of waste from a toilet in the accident and emergency room; The main benefits the hospital plumbers requested were clogging elimination and reliability. The high quality performance of the Zehnder grinder helped secure the deal, and the device now works efficiently in the public hospital toilet.

at Ryan Airs At HQ in Dublin, the wastewater from the staff canteen had to be pumped 3 m high and 40 m wide to reach the sewer system. The kitchen is located in the parking lot below. The waste is discharged via standard pipelines to the Saniflo pump and then lifted into the sewer system.

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