New Saniflo campaign wins praise

Amazing! New Saniflo campaign wins praise

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It can be quite difficult to get excited about a macerator. For most people, it’s just a white box pumping dirty water out of a toilet. Saniflo – the original inventor and leading manufacturer of the simple macerator – refutes this belief with its new, eye-catching advertising campaign aimed at stimulating ideas and increasing sales for commercial customers.

Saniflo emphasizes that by considering the possibilities that a small white box offers, it can open up a whole new way of thinking about transforming unused spaces:

  • Bathroom in an unused attic? This is possible with a Saniflo.
  • Laundry in the basement? Also possible.
  • En suite in loft? A breeze.

The point is that if gravity drainage isn’t an option, a Saniflo is usually an option. So for consumers and businesses alike, this new, eye-catching advertising campaign could be just the nudge they need to grasp what’s possible. Ann Boardman is Head of Marketing and Product Management at Saniflo and was responsible for overseeing the concept. To test the idea, the graphics were used at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Ann says, “The new ad campaign is a step in a different direction for us as we really wanted to challenge perceptions and inspire customers’ ideas to transform their spaces. We know what a Saniflo can do, but we wanted to convey that to customers in a visually appealing way. Feedback at the show fully endorsed the change and we are now turning off the ads in press, social media and future booths, encouraging our customers to pay attention to the ads and share them with their customers.”

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