New! ScreeDemon Battery Powered Vibratory Concrete Screed

Amazing! New! ScreeDemon Battery Powered Vibratory Concrete Screed

Information about New! ScreeDemon Battery Powered Vibratory Concrete Screed

Phil Puccio

battery-operated vibrating concrete screed

The NEW ScreeDemon M-18 Lithium Battery Concrete Screed is the first vibratory concrete screed of its kind to use electric battery power instead of a gas powered motor.

The battery operated ScreeDemon uses Milwaukee’s M18 redlithium batteries.

MBW Inc. sent me this new Screedemon to try out and wanted to know my honest opinion after screeding a concrete floor with it.

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light vibrated concrete screed

Battery electric concrete screed

My company, Day’s Concrete Floors, Inc. specializes in pouring and finishing concrete floors and slabs. We pour new concrete floors almost every day, so we have to screed a lot of concrete.

Over the years I have owned or had the opportunity to use many different vibrating screeds.

I have to say after using the battery powered ScreeDemon I was very impressed.

the the first thing that caught my eyecompared to most screeds how easy it is (about 30 pounds).

If you’ve ever used a gas-powered screed, you know that walking in wet concrete and carrying a 40 pound screed can get tiring very quickly.

Concrete screed is now easier (and quieter)

MBW Screedemon battery pack

The second thing I really liked was how quiet it was compared to all other vibrating screeds I’ve used.

The electric motor had almost no sound. You could literally speak to someone and not have to raise your voice. All of the gas powered screeds I have used are pretty noisy like any gas powered engine (that’s why they have a muffler).

gentler vibration for a concrete screed

ScreeDemon battery power pump

This electric ScreeDemon felt like it had a gentler, softer vibration when you drive it compared to the gasoline powered vibratory screeds.

Even with high gas pressure, the vibration does not overwhelm the screed slab and lets it “sink” into the wet concrete.

Too much vibration, as with most screeds, can result in “low” and “high” areas in your newly filled concrete floor.

I think this is much less likely to do so, making it a great screed for “newbies”, “beginners” and experienced concrete workers who have never used a vibratory screed.

a power screed for craftsmen with “little” to “no” experience

Battery operated concrete screed M18

Some other things I liked were, when you use this in an “already built” structure like a house basement, there are no fumes (no carbon monoxide).

The electric battery motor is “sealed” and therefore practically maintenance-free.

To adjust the handles higher or lower, all you have to do is loosen the orange clamp and then tighten it again.

The wrench for tightening the screws that secure the plank plate is located in the battery box.

The Milwaukee M18 battery slides in and out of the battery case very easily when you need to remove it.

the “next generation” of vibratory screeds

You have seen in the past few years how many tools and electrical devices have been converted to battery operation.

This is the first electric screed I’ve seen and used that runs on a battery.

I think MBW Inc. got it right. The screed is really easy to use and did a great job. (Plus, a concrete screed that runs on an M18 lithium battery is a really cool thing too).

And the fact that it works so well is testament to MBW and the work they put into designing and developing for us contractors says a lot about them.

I feel like when a company takes such a risk to make my job easier and then they do it. For that I have to give them props. Great job MBW!

Setup and dismantling in approx. 30 seconds

Concrete screed

Loosening the two screws removes the head unit from the plank plate, just like with the gas-powered ScreeDemon.

This also fits better behind the seat in my truck than others, it just isn’t as bulky with the electric motor.

vibrating concrete screed


After screeding my concrete floor with it, I can honestly say I would recommend it for everyone who is looking for a vibration screed.

MBW’s ScreeDemon petrol engine is also very nice. But for me the lower weight and the quietness were two things that I really liked.

Buy the ScreeDemon battery HERE!

battery-operated electric concrete screed – take a look here

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