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Leading commercial tile supplier CTD Architectural Tiles has unveiled its new tile collection, carefully curated to include the latest on-trend designs and high-performance solutions from some of the world’s most innovative and established manufacturers.

The latest collection includes brand new commercial tile solutions as well as updates to established ranges with an expanded choice of colours, sizes and finishes now available. From designer walls to flooring to beautiful outdoor tiles, the 2022 collection includes tiles from leading manufacturers such as Zyx, Harmony, Cevica and Marazzi. With full details of the new tile collection available online, specifiers, architects and designers can also experience the look and feel of the new tiles by requesting free samples from CTD Architectural Tiles’ extensive range.

CTD Architectural Tiles has responded directly to the needs of its customers working on a wide range of commercial projects, expanding its current offering of wood effect, porcelain stoneware and stone tiles and utilizing the latest innovations in the creation of bespoke color schemes, decorative surface designs and sourcing Interiors that experiment with different lighting effects.

The new collection includes a variety of different commercial tiling solutions such as Levels, a striking brick format tile inspired by Mediterranean artisan ceramics. These wall tiles each emulate six smaller mosaic tiles with a matte background combined with a transparent gloss finish that can be used either horizontally or vertically to create dramatic accent walls.

Also included in the new collection is Sol, which combines a premium feel and stunning appearance with a wide range of patterns and styles. Reminiscent of a hand-painted tile and inspired by nature, the modern production methods that support this vintage-style tile make it a versatile solution for a variety of design concepts.

Another notable addition is Affrescati. Surface details evoke aged plaster and the look of traditional Italian tiles, allowing one of the range’s most eye-catching designs to feature a sensual blue and gold star design that pays homage to Italy’s famous Scrovegni Chapel.

Popular and established tile ranges have also been further developed and offer new design options in terms of colour, style and size. The thick glazed, high gloss brick format tiles of the Lume range are the perfect example, with six new color options now available. This popular porcelain tile can be used indoors, outdoors and even in pools, with the striking color and pattern variations creating interesting lighting effects to bring vibrancy to commercial design concepts.

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