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planBIM pursues the primary goal of organizing and improving the efficiency of BIM implementation in your projects. This is a cloud-based app for managing BIM in various AEC projects. We are available on multiple platforms and easily accessible.

There are five modules that planBIM offers, namely the modules Scoper, Docs, Files, Content and Tracker. In this blog we discuss the functions of the different segments of the Scoper module. The five segments that the Scoper module is divided into include – an overview of your project, a LOD matrix, a model progress matrix, and an option to generate reports on the project you are working on.

In the overview segment, we initially gave you the option of defining the classification of the models either in the generic names or in the omniclass numbers, setting the LOD binomial nomenclature according to the standard you followed and the units either in imperial. set or metric format for your project. Next we have the Roles and Areas section. Here you can define the roles, responsibilities and the scope of the different companies working on the project. There is also another section where you can mention the role of your team members working on the project. We have also provided an easy-to-use interface to specify the various workloads and services. Then we have a software section where you can define the different software and its versions that will be used by the different stakeholders. Finally, in the overview section, we have a responsibility matrix that is automatically filled in from the information it derives from the model progress matrix. It is a simplified view showing the stages of the models developed by the various companies involved in the project.

Another segment that we added in the Scoper module is the LOD matrix. There are currently many different development standards in the BIM world. However, it has always been difficult to define how much information should go into your BIM model, and often it deviates from expectations in almost all projects. As we have seen so far, in most cases the standards are never defined. In who they are, they are usually part of a long PDF file that no one will refer to once the project starts. Well, we at planBIM have found an innovative tool to overcome this hurdle. The LOD matrix segment in the Scoper module helps BIM managers, project owners and other stakeholders be on the same page during a project. We have integrated Smart Label functions to define the level of detail (LOD), the level of information (LOI) and the level of accuracy (LOA) for the BIM models.

The next segment is the “LOD Progress Matrix”, which was developed taking into account the difficulties of communicating the status of a model in the BIM process. Using the LOD progress matrix in planBIM, the company / engineer can update the status of the BIM model. Through this interactive platform we can guarantee that the different stakeholders working on the project are on the same page. This helps to optimize the cooperation between them and also to avoid the use of complicated conventional methods to convey the status of the model.

With the reporting segment we can create detailed reports that summarize all elements in scope, LODs, phases as well as disciplines, services and software to be used. These generated reports can be used for communication with people outside of planBIM as well as for documentation purposes.

In summary, the scoper module ensures that every team member of the different companies working on a project is on the same page. It also helps you specify the required LODs, which will give you a clear idea of ​​the amount of information that needs to go into the model, saving you a lot of time. The Scoper module was developed by taking suggestions from seasoned professionals in the AEC industry who have worked on various projects in the BIM field. We want you and your team to try planBIM, a revolutionary tool in the field of BIM management. planBIM is available on the web, on your phone, and even in BIM authoring tools like Revit. For more information, contact support@planbim.io.

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